Why Globalia?

We are Experts in our Field

We are not a generalist agency; we are high-level experts in 3 lines of service:

We have the best process and most experienced team to drive your business growth with the help of these 3 solutions.

We objectively recommend the best solutions

We use different tools, platforms, and technologies in our 3 areas of expertise to find the best solution for you. Generalist agencies often confine you to their technologies of predilection.

We understand the reality of your enterprise

Our team includes experts in B2C, B2B, and B2B2C. We understand the challenges you face and will be able to help you take them on.

At Globalia, planning is the key to success

We work with time-tested processes and clear, well documented project structures. Our project management is transparent and we rely on regular follow ups and efficient communication.

Working with us is always fun!

We have fun at work because we are passionate about our 3 areas of expertise. We always take our projects seriously. Working with Globalia is as motivating for you as it is for us!

We are often in the same position as our clients. We are our own guinea pigs.

Over the years, Globalia has launched several entrepreneurial initiatives which have become enterprises. This is the main reason why we understand the challenges faced by the large and small enterprises we work with. Through these initiatives, we have the chance to have an incredible laboratory in which to test, learn, and validate our processes. We test our approach on our own clients rather than improvising on yours!

We have a lot of practical information to share with you to help drive your growth.

Involvement adapted to your growth plan

From planning and executing projects, to training and supporting your teams, we are excellent partners. You can view us as coaches, advisors, or executors, but mainly as valuable creators for your enterprise.

The Inbound methodology holds no secrets for us

We are the most certified Inbound team in Canada* and have achieved the title of HubSpot Elite Solutions Partner, the highest level of partnership achieved by a Canadian agency to this day. We master a multitude of platforms and strategies that can help you drive growth with the help of marketing and sales automation, increasing your teams’ efficiency.

*HubSpot Academy

We are the best at eliminating frictions affecting your growth

The best way to drive your growth is to eliminate the frictions slowing down your momentum. This is why we are masters in the art of eliminating frictions at every level, internally or with your clients, to give you the push you need and:

  • Grow your relationships with your clients
  • Simplify the work between your teams
  • Allow your teams to concentrate on value added activities
  • Increase your online sales with optimized e-commerce
  • And even more!
We have clients everywhere in North America

Our team is just as efficient remotely as it is locally, in both French and English. We have the skills required to help drive your growth, wherever you may be in the world.

Take it from our satisfied clients!