Inbound Strategy

more mobile sessions in two months


more sessions in two months


The Results

Content coming together in one CMS and accessible on a new website for a high-quality digital experience.

Simple and fluid navigation producing an increase in sessions, number of pages viewed per session, as well as significantly reducing rebounds for a better conversion rate.

Internal training to master HubSpot CMS.

Hélène Gamache
Director of Marketing and Communications

“We completely redesigned our website on the HubSpot platform, as well as changed our domain name and developed a new corporate image. Globalia supported us every step of the way through their expertise with HubSpot and the best online practices. In spite of our ambitious timeline, we were able to deliver a high-quality website within the deadline. Thank you Globalia!”


Createch is one of the leading Canadian enterprises in the optimization of business processes and implementation of technological solutions. As service providers, Createch needed a digital image as powerful as the quality of their services. They not only wanted to generate conversions, but also to create a memorable user experience for their visitors.

Challenges to Take On
Ambition and Collaboration

Createch’s needs represented a very large project requiring the collaboration of our team at Globalia with several external contributors as well as the client’s team.

HubSpot Training

Our team of HubSpot experts at Globalia helped Createch’s team to master HubSpot’s tools in order to ensure their internal autonomy.

Content Creation

To ensure the performance of the new website and the respect of the deadlines, our team carried out the interviews, redaction, translation, and coordination of the content.

Data Tracking

As reliable statistics allow you to continually improve, we implemented advanced Analytics parameters in order to make strategic tracking easier.

UX Support

Our experts in user experience at Globalia supported Createch in the development of an intuitive website providing a great user experience exceeding the requirement of the market.

Brand Image

We made sure to integrate Createch’s new brand image in their website while conserving the spirit of the enterprise.


Our Solutions

One of the biggest challenges of this project was its organization and management. Globalia worked in collaboration with two other agencies during the development of the project in order to produce a product of unique quality. All the teams were able to work together towards a common objective; the success of our client’s project.

Globalia’s teams created a high-quality digital experience for Createch in order to regroup all of their content into one CMS. Navigating the website became easier and more fluid, improving their prospects’ user experience. The website’s visitation metrics and quantity of content viewed are increasing, improving their conversion rates.

With the help of our HubSpot experts, Globalia had the chance to train several members of Createch’s team in the use of HubSpot’s CMS tool. Globally, Createch’s new website has seen a 25% increase in mobile sessions, as well as an increase in organic traffic (1544 sessions in November 2018 compared to 3849 in January 2019). Time on page has also gone from an average of 58 seconds to 69 seconds.