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Craft CMS and Craft Commerce, a powerful platform for developing customized or complex websites and e-commerce.

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Craft CMS

Craft CMS is the perfect solution for companies with unique or complex purchasing processes. The Craft platform is particularly appreciated by developers for its simple personalization and Open Source technology.

As well as providing complete client experience personalization, Craft is easy to use and harmonizes the relationship between the business and its website. It also provides multi-stores, multi-sites, multi-devices, and multilingual configurations.

Our team of Craft CMS  and Craft Commerce experts at Globalia is dedicated to personalizing the platform to meet your operational needs.

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Interesting features of Craft CMS & Craft Commerce:

  • Harmonious relationship between the business and its website.
  • Custom fields.
  • Image editor.
  • Supported subscriptions, digital products, and purchasing of secured downloadable resources.
  • Targeted sales programming.
  • Simple order management process including history.
  • Creation of sales coupons and dynamic pricing.
  • Personalized payment process with a “pay later” option.
  • Integration into the most popular payment systems, CRMs, and inventory management services.
  • Multiple shipping options.
  • Multiple complementary modules.
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