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39 - Hero Case Study


Alithya launched a call for tender in the winter of 2019 for the creation of a new website and development marketing automation strategy. The objective was also to quickly integrate new acquisitions into the website. They also chose to use HubSpot CMS for the marketing automation strategy. One of their acquisitions was already using this tool. Everything needed to be done as quickly as possible.

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Challenges to take on

Deadline for the Website

Alithya’s priority was to develop a complete and revised website with a lot of new content in 3 months. We met the deadline, and the client was very efficient as well.

Revising the Inbound and marketing Automation Strategy

One of their acquisitions was already using HubSpot. As well as implementing HubSpot, we had to revise this platform’s practices to standardize it’s use.

Visual Redesign

We had to revise the visual design for the website in order to highlight their lines of service and simplify the user journey as much as possible. We also had to highlight the enterprise’s new graphic charter.

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Our solutions


In order to meet Alithya’s growth objectives, the decision was made to use HubSpot. It was the logical choice to take advantage of the Inbound and marketing automation strategy as much as possible during the redesign of the website.

Website Redesign

Our mandate was therefore to create the website, develop the Inbound strategy (content, personas, Buyers Journey’s review), implement HubSpot, and create resources in Quebec and the United States. Reviewing the content was a key step of this mandate; we had to harmonize the new acquisitions’ services with those historically offered by Alithya. This step was carried out before the redesign of the website. The new website also needed to prominently feature Alithya’s new graphic charter. As well as acquiring new clients, the website aims to attract potential candidates in order to grow their enterprise. Alithya is quoted on the stock exchange, so they also serve a clientele of investors.

Content & Training

In terms of its content, the website proposes their various services and technological partners. It also highlights Alithya’s approach as well as an extensive content library. The content is geared towards all the personas at each stage of the conversion funnel. The website’s primary objective is to convert visitors into clients or candidates.

As HubSpot experts, it has also been important to properly train members of Alithya’s team using a train the trainer approach. The training covered both the CMS and marketing portions of the project.

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The results

Globalia developed Alithya’s website and implemented HubSpot in order to maintain and drive their growth. We created the website on HubSpot CMS to optimize the strategy as much as possible.

The website and strategy aim to attract new clients, as well as new talent by highlighting the expertise of Alithya’s team. We took advantage of the remodel to properly integrate the enterprise’s most recent acquisitions into the website.

Compared to the previous one, the new website and Inbound strategy we put into place has doubled the number of visitors and tripled engagement on the website (downloading guides, newsletter, forms, etc.).

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traffic increase


more leads entered through the website


more new visitors

45 - Single Testimonial

Thanks for trusting us


We have had the pleasure of working with Globalia for several months already for the remodel of our website and Inbound Marketing strategy in a context of rapid growth and acquisitions. From our first meeting, we appreciated Globalia’s expertise as well as their prompt and precise services advice. From the strategy, design, web development, and persona workshops, up until the website’s execution… we know we can count on a wonderful, competent, and dynamic team!

Charlotte Cardon
Director of Marketing and Communications

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