Be done with Excel files and complicated CRMs!

Your clients are what are most precious to your business. Whether you’re selling a product or service directly to consumers (B2C), or to other businesses (B2B), your clients have to be your top priority.

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows you to efficiently manage all of your communications with your clients. Whether it is used for marketing, sales, after sales services, or accounting, the CRM must be at the heart of all the branch in your business. If your current CRM doesn’t allow you to quickly access this type of information, it isn’t working for you!

If you are interested in a CRM, the next logical question is to know when and how to implement one. Many companies start by storing their data in an email tool, and their client lists in Excel files. This method can work for a time, but things always end up getting complicated.

As your needs increase, it can become difficult to manage your data in a rigid structure like an Excel file. Something as simple as visualizing the relationships between your contacts, businesses, and sales opportunities can become complex and time consuming if your tools aren’t adapted to the task at hand.

A tool that is not responsive or not adapted to the realities of today, or even the management of data that can be found in multiple locations, impacts your business. It all quickly becomes cumbersome and slows down your team. The departure of an employee means losing data. What would happen if your sales representative quit and forgot to give you a critical piece of information related to the project he was working on? It would be difficult to pick up where he left off…

For most businesses, the answer to this question is quite simple. Even if you could manage without a CRM for a certain time, it really is better to implement one sooner rather than later.

A CRM fueled with quality content will allow you to have personalized communications with your clients. Sometimes simple details or attentions make all the difference in sales.

For any business that wants to continue growing, it is imperative to have a good Customer Relationship Management tool. In 2020, a good CRM is a requirement for any serious business. High quality solutions are available. Some of them, like HubSpot CRM, are 100% free! Why wait?

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Our Solution and its Anticipated Benefits:

  • Support choosing a CRM platform (some of them are free!)
  • Training on the use of a CRM platform
  • Creation of client and prospect data bases
  • Optimization of your website in order to increase your current and potential client data base
  • Adaptation to the new reality of Social CRM and multi-channel shopping
  • Elaboration of a content strategy with the goal of acquiring qualified prospects (lead generation)
  • Conception and optimization of the landing pages used to build the qualified prospects data base
  • Improvement of the efficiency of your customer service
  • Management of all the information relative to client files
  • Initiatives vis-à-vis the prospects and clients
  • Organization of the sales process
  • Automation of the communications with prospects/clients
  • Centralization of your communication channels (social media, email, website, etc.)