To grow your E-Commerce Business, you need the Right Team, the Right Tools, and the Right Tactics

If you find yourself on this page, it probably means you have some concerns or needs related to your present e-commerce website, or that you are looking for a team to help you drive your growth with the help of a new website … In any case, we are happy to advise you!

We have been developing e-commerce websites for several years. Our e-commerce website development team is made up of excellent programmers, integrators, strategists, analysts, and project managers. We have worked on numerous B2B, B2C, and B2B2C projects, spanning a multitude of fields. Our team is big enough to work on several projects at once.

We specialize in the Magento platform which is, for many of our clients, the best option. This being said, we are perfectly comfortable working with other platforms such as Shopify Plus, Craft Commerce, and WooCommerce.

We will objectively propose the best solution for your business based on various criteria, such as sales objectives, target audience, sales volume, your customer's buyer’s journey, the touchpoints the visitors use to connect to your website, as well as your internal processes. Furthermore, through our expertise in e-commerce business growth (and not only the creation of e-commerce websites), our team can assist in developing a customized plan to increase your sales.

Upon completion of your e-commerce website, we will add value through online sales strategies. As our teams specialize in e-commerce, you can be assured that your business will benefit from the best practices to drive success.

The best way to start driving growth for your e-commerce business is to reach out to our team at Globalia and discuss your upcoming projects and business objectives!

Meeting E-commerce
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Just a few reasons why our clients love working with Globalia:
E-Commerce Growth

Our clients don’t just want a beautiful website; they want a website that is sales performant and that will support their growth objectives.

Time-Tested Structure and Work Process

Our clients want to work with a team that knows how to respect deliverables and budgets. They want a team that knows how to properly structure a project and that will use the best processes to ensure each of its e-commerce projects reaches its objectives.

Avant-Garde Strategies and Technologies

Our clients want to work with a passionate team that will advise them on the best technical and strategic methods to drive your sales.

Simplifying the Use of E-Commerce Websites

Our clients want to work with a team that will make their life easier, not more complicated; a team that will make their day-to-day life more efficient and effective.

The Best E-Commerce Analysts and Instructors

Our clients want to work with an agency that will take the time to listen to them, understand the subtleties of their industry, and effectively analyze every opportunity to find the right growth enablers for their e-commerce business.

Simplifying the Growth Strategy

Our clients want to work with a team like Globalia’s because we are experts in value generation and growth driving; we provide expert advice on the best performance metrics for your business. We will simplify e-commerce for you by targeting the right objectives: Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), Average Order Value (AOV), Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate (SCAR), as well as Sales Conversion Rate (SCR).