Profitable Personalized and Contextual Content

The basis of Inbound Marketing is to make yourself desirable. To do so, we will help you understand who you need to communicate with, what you have to tell them, and how to position yourself as the best solution in their eyes. Your content strategy must allow you to qualify your prospects and help them to easily navigate the Buyer’s Journey.

Contextual Content Adapted to your Targets

Our Inbound content plans are based on your personas, their motivations, and more precisely their state of mind at each stage of the Buyer’s Journey. We propose content that:

  • Educates and informs your personas on what is causing them problems and the various daily symptoms they experience.
  • Informs your potential clients of the different options available to resolve their problems. These elements of content explain to your personas that you can help them solve their problems.
  • Demonstrate and prove to your prospects your capacity to answer to their needs better than anyone else.

Optimized and Pertinent Content for the SEO

We identify the ideal format (blog articles, videos, downloadable resources, infographics, webinars, White books, etc.) for each proposed element of content, as well as the keywords to put into place to improve natural referencing.

We take the new SEO practices proposed by HubSpot and Google into account during the elaboration of our content plans. For each suggested element of content, we propose a pillar page that relates to the theory of topic clusters.

For Advanced HubSpot Users

In order to personalize your online visitor experience as much as possible, we can develop content plans that take advantage of the technological advancements of the HubSpot Marketing Pro platform, marketing Enterprise, and HubSpot CMS. The tool we use is called Smart Content and consists of identifying different content to share on the same webpage, according to various factors such as:

  • The origin of your visitors
  • The country of your visitors
  • The device used by your visitors (mobile, tablet, or computer)
  • The inclusion of your visitors to HubSpot contact lists

PS – We can also take care of creating your content!

Meeting Strategie inbound
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The Advantages of an Inbound content plan with Globalia
A time-tested strategy

As HubSpot Elite Solutions partners, we have used this Inbound content strategy many times in order to drive growth for our clients, our own companies, as well as Globalia itself!

Pertinent Content

Relying on your personas’ state of mind at the consideration and decision stages of the Buyer’s Journey, we are able to provide extremely pertinent content for your target audience.

Efficient lead Generation Process

Using this content plan will allow you to identify content that is more valuable to your target audience. This content will then be part of the lead nurturing plan to convert them from anonymous to lead, lead marketing, then sales lead, to finally becoming a client.

Cost Savings

An Inbound content strategy allows you to increase the natural traffic in your web ecosystem while reducing your expenses in Outbound strategy (advertising, purchasing of keywords, Audience Buying, etc.). Good content can easily survive several years.

Optimized Referencing

Applying the topic clusters concept to your content strategy will allow you to increase your positioning on Google for subjects identified in your pillar pages. We can also help you to mesh your content for the SEO.