Counter the Labour Shortage

Do you feel like you spend all your time contacting candidates, qualifying them, and asking them to come in for an interview? Has your recruitment strategy been the same since the 90s? At this point, you’re probably worn out…

Imagine having a position to fill and simply being able to look through a list of potential candidates. It would probably make your job a lot easier! You could then spend more time retaining your current employees, and less time searching for new candidates.

Does this seem too good to be true? Your marketing and sales colleagues are probably already doing it…

A Time-Tested Strategy

In sales, you could find a list of potential clients with interesting criteria for your company and call them one after another to sell your product or service. In many cases, your potential client isn’t looking for what you are offering them, and will therefore be closed to your offer.

Ideally, you would need to know who, within your list, is actively looking for your product or service. A better strategy was necessary, and this is the reason why Inbound Marketing was created. The goal is to identify the candidates who are actively searching for your product or service in order to target them and greatly increase your chances of success.

Using your Assets for Human Resources

The process being used by sales and marketing can also be used for recruitment. The principles of Inbound HR are based on the information collected by sales and marketing, with a few adjustments to the terms. Potential clients become potential candidates, and your brand image becomes your employer brand…Rather than educating your visitors on the problems that your offer could help them solve, talk to them about their current discomfort within their workplace.

Meeting Strategie inbound
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Inbound HR: how to get there
The right amount of pertinent content

Implement a good content strategy that allows you to position yourself using important keywords. Don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues to do their part and contribute to your recruitment blog: they are your best ambassadors! Dedicate one of your social media platforms (or certain posts) to highlighting your employer brand.

A Strong Employer Brand

Build a strong employer brand that your employees will be proud of. They will even promote it for you if you give them happenings or events they can share on their own social media.

Your employer brand must come through in everything you do. You cannot tell your candidates that expertise is one of your company values, and then fail to provide them with learning opportunities once they are employees. This practice creates cognitive dissonance (like buyer’s remorse) and will make them question their decision to come and work for your company as the promises they received are too far from reality.

It is always better to deliver more than expected (like in sales) if you want to create employees who are satisfied with their choices.

An Adapted Conversion Strategy

Personalizing your content is crucial, as you are probably recruiting for different positions. The more pertinent your message is to the reader, the more interested they will be.

For example, the application processes for a developer and a vice-president must be different. They each have different motivations and are most likely looking for specific advantages in their jobs.

Performant Tools

Having the best tools will allow you to stand out and achieve optimal results. Whether it’s for your blog, landing pages, following up on your calls to action, your newsletter or forms, make sure your tools aren’t making the job more difficult for you. Complicated tools are often one of the reasons why a strategy is not properly executed. Your tools must work in sync and provide you with useful statistics to help you improve.


It is crucial to always optimize your Inbound HR strategy as it is impossible to know everything right away. As you progress, you will get to know each of your personas more and more; what motivates them and how to talk to them. Don’t hesitate to review your content, forms, and any other part of the process in order to optimize them.