Are you taking full advantage of all the tools you are paying for with HubSpot?

In order to allow you to generate a maximum return on investment with HubSpot, we propose 2 extremely efficient audits.

HubSpot Audit

The audit varies according to the HubSpot functionalities you have access to:

  • HubSpot CRM
  • HubSpot Marketing (Starter, Pro, Enterprise)
  • HubSpot Sales (Starter, Pro, Enterprise)
  • HubSpot Service (Starter, Pro, Enterprise)

By analysing your HubSpot tools, we identify the functionalities you have access to but are not yet taking full advantage of.

The audit includes:

  • Analysis of the structure and configuration of your HubSpot portals
  • Analysis of your strategic tools (acquisition, engagement, conversion, and customer loyalty)
  • Analysis of the performance of your activities on HubSpot
  • Analysis of your trainings and certifications
  • Recommendations Report

Following these analyses, we will generate a list of primary recommendations which will impact your Return on Investment.

Inbound Audit

Inbound’s whole concept is based on the Flywheel, the virtuous wheel that replaces the sales funnel. The idea behind this wheel is to create a sales cycle which begins as soon as visitors arrive on your website (even before they become leads), and continues until they become clients; and why not ambassadors for a new potential lead!

The More Skilled you are at Strengthening This Wheel and Reducing Friction, the More your Sales Funnel will Fill up!

The inbound audit therefore consists of identifying the frictions and strengths at each stage of the Flywheel in order to optimize your acquisition, engagement, conversion, and customer loyalty processes.

The audit includes:

  • Analysis of your acquisition strategies (Earn, Owned, Paid)
  • Analysis of your engagement processes and strategies
  • Analysis of your conversion strategies
  • Analysis of your service tools and quality analysis (CES, NPS, C-SAT)
  • Recommendations Report


Meeting Strategie inbound
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What you Will Discover with These Two Audits:
Weaknesses within your HubSpot Structure

With this audit, we will evaluate if the bases of your HubSpot CRM are properly configured to drive growth.

All the Functionalities you are Not taking Full Advantage of even if You Already Have Access to Them

HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales, and Services portals, as well as the CRM, are constantly being optimized. You may have access to acquisition, engagement, conversion, and customer loyalty tools you don’t even know about!

Strategic Tools for Steady Growth

By auditing the performance of your strategies, we will identify the elements to modify, optimize, or replace in order to ensure a better Return on Investment.

Essential Training for your Team

HubSpot offers hundreds of trainings and dozens of certifications to allow users to increase their skills. We will identify which ones could be most useful to you.

Strengths to Increase

We will identify the best ways to add strength to your sales cycle in order to attract more qualified visitors and transform them into clients.

Frictions to Reduce

We will identify the elements of friction that may be slowing down your growth so you can work on them one by one with the goal of continuous improvement.