Optimization Mode, Activated!

To support and drive our clients’ growth, we favor an agile approach that brings together tactical creativity and data reliability.

Our support plans are used to analyse the strategies already in place in order to identify missing tactical elements, as well as those needing to be optimized, modified, or replaced. The idea is to find the weak links in your strategy to strengthen them or replace them with other stronger tactics. You will then attract more qualified visitors and more easily engage your leads in conversation, convert your future clients, and gain the loyalty of your ambassadors.


Creativity Applied to your Objectives

Inbound tactical support applies to marketing strategies (acquisition and engagement) as well as sales strategies (conversion and customer loyalty). Our strategists and your teams will take part in creative brainstorming sessions to find the best optimization plans, keeping in mind the data collected during performance analyses.

We will be able to make informed decisions regarding sales or marketing activities to put into place by applying reliable data. Through this practice and the use of HubSpot’s tools, we will be able to calculate your marketing Return on Investment.

Meeting Strategie inbound
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Logical Sequence of a Typical Support Plan
Analysis and Reports

Production of performance reports for the last period and analysis of the results, strengths, and weaknesses. Implementation of an recommended plan for optimization.

Sprint Meetings

Quick meetings to discuss the results of the analysis and identify the Inbound activities to put into place during the next period. These objectives are defined and prioritized according to your needs.


Implementation of the tactics defined during the sprint meetings. Recommendations of improvements and application of the best practices available.

Start all over again

At the end of each period the support plan’s optimization cycle restarts. This is how we make sure to drive growth in your online activities.