Your Website Has to be Profitable

Our team here at Globalia masters several technologies and can develop all kinds of websites, but our technology of choice is HubSpot CMS. It is the ideal technology for website business development.

The main reason for our love of this CMS is clear; it is the simplest CMS to use to optimize and personalize your content, making it useful to your audience. The technical side of the CMS is managed by HubSpot or by our experts, and you will have all the autonomy needed to easily maintain your content, create new pages, and engage with your audience.

A Growth Driven Design

Web development is often seen as a difficult task, and even as a useless expense. To counter this negative view, we often propose evolutionary web development called Growth Driven Design.

This concept consists of developing the simplest version of your website, an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) version that doesn’t affect your business activities and can quickly be put online.

The idea behind the concept is to rapidly create a Return on Investment

Based on your MVP’s visitor data, we will determine the next pages or modules to be developed. For the search engines, you will always seem to be optimizing; and that’s exactly what we are doing!

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the HubSpot CMS:

HubSpot’s CMS applies perfectly to the GDD concept and makes it easier to modify your website. Future re-designs will be able to be done at a lower cost, as the content (front-end) is separate from the structural interface (Back-end).


You will be able to take advantage of advanced personalization functionalities (Smart Content, Smart Forms, Smart CTA, and personalization Token) that favor engagement and lead conversion. Every interaction on your website will automatically be linked to the CRM and other HubSpot portals (Marketing, Sales, Services) that you use.

Easy to Use

HubSpot’s CMS is one of the simplest and most intuitive interfaces. You don’t need to be a programmer to modify your content or add new pages to your website. All of your files will also be automatically backed up.

Secure Hosting and Maintenance

All the websites developed with HubSpot’s CMS are hosted by Amazon WebServices (AWS) and include the SSL certificates. HubSpot’s CMS also requires 3 x less maintenance than the majority of other CMSs as updates are practically automatic.

Connected CMS

With HubSpot’s CMS, you will take advantage of all future technological advancements as they are launched, free of charge. Your website will be supported by an ever-growing community of HubSpot users!

Nothing can be Perfect!

Unfortunately, HubSpot’s CMS is not free. There is a fee of $300 USD per month to have access to it, but keep in mind that the price includes hosting, the SSL certificates, and all the personalization functionalities with 3 times less maintenance than other CMSs.