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This platform, almost exclusively oriented towards B2C, offers marketing automation, email marketing, and lead scoring, among other things. It is a user-friendly tool that could contribute to the digital growth of your business.

This platform was acquired by Adobe in 2018. Unfortunately, the development of the platform has slowed down since its acquisition and they have not been as innovative as some of their competitors in the development of new functionalities. Nevertheless, the platform does offer a list of interesting functionalities that could help you reach your marketing objectives. Just like HubSpot, Marketo is relatively simple to use compared to Salesforce (Pardot) or Zoho.

What several Marketo users appreciate less, is that there is no integrated CRM. It is possible and quite simple to connect one to your Marketo portal, but unfortunately that will multiply the tools. Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho include CRMs as well as the automation tools.

There is a great community of users at Marketo (Marketo Nation), allowing you to learn as much as you can about the platform’s best practices.

Since Marketo was acquired by Adobe, their customer service has been excellent. We also frequently use the e-commerce platform Magento, which is in the same family as Adobe.

In the search for the best CRM for your needs, it is important to consider every option. We will be happy to guide you in this essential process!

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