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My experience as a marketing intern at Globalia


Hi, I'm Charlotte, a communication marketing student at the University of Sherbrooke, and the first marketing intern with the Globalia team. Yes, my first internship as a first-time intern in the company. I'm lucky enough to be in a co-op program, which means I have three internships included in my University studies. This allows me to learn many new things that will be useful during my career before I finish my degree. 

So here is my "official" testimonial, where I share with you all the firsts I experienced during my four beautiful months at Globalia.


My first impression

The welcome I received was unlike any other job I have had in the past. Everyone was happy that I was there, interested in my background and ready to work with me. It was a huge source of motivation for me. Working with happy, motivated people makes you want to excel. I joined a team that is close-knitted and appreciates its work. I know it sounds cliché, that all companies "brag" about this, but that's really how I felt on my first day, and my first impression was right. 


My first professional experience

To be honest, when I started my internship, I didn't know what to expect. I had a small idea of what my tasks would look like, but nothing more. Easy to say that I was pleasantly surprised! I was afraid of being thrown into a void, of having to accomplish things without necessarily knowing how. In short, I was afraid of disappointing my colleagues. However, the support I received was huge. Throughout my internship, I was accompanied by several people who allowed me to be independent while always being available to help me. I never felt judged or disruptive when I asked my questions, my colleagues were open and willing to help me. I must say that for a first professional experience, I was very fortunate. 


My first job parties

I had the chance to participate in several out-of-office activities with my colleagues, such as team dinners, the Christmas party, events organized by Globalia and the famous team stay “Journalia” at Jouvence. These moments allowed me to get to know different people from different teams, which made my internship experience even more interesting. I quickly realized that at Globalia, we like to combine business with pleasure. I believe that team-building activities such as the ones I experienced are crucial to team cohesion and are a great motivator for employees. At least, that's the effect they had on me. The employees at Globalia are not afraid to let go once in a while, and I found that refreshing. 


My first work from home experience

When I was looking for an internship, one of the most important criteria was a hybrid work arrangement. I was looking for a job that would offer me flexibility, and that's one of the reasons why I chose Globalia. However, I still had my apprehensions about telecommuting; I didn't want to feel alone at work. Although my fears were realistic, loneliness is definitely not in the Globalia vocabulary. I had meetings with my colleagues every day to check in and see where we were on different tasks. Plus, there are monthly online team lunches to discuss various topics that are not necessarily work related. In short, there is no time to feel alone! For me, telecommuting was simply a bonus to my experience. It gave me the freedom to work from the cottage, Sherbrooke, or a coffee shop with other school friends. 


Finally, for my first internship, I was very satisfied with my experience! My time at Globalia was filled with joy, encounters and enriching learning experiences. I can now confirm that I am in the right field!

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