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Why work with a Google Partners agency?

Google Partner

In the digital age, the question of online visibility and traffic has become paramount for any company wishing to increase its presence and sales. When it comes to advertising on Google and employing an agency to do so, it's important to consider working with a Google Partners Agency. What does this mean, and how does it benefit both the agency and its customers? We'll tell you all about it.

Become a Google Partner: a rigorous process

Before discussing the benefits, it's crucial to understand what it means for an agency to be a Google Partner (and not just a member of the Google Partners program).

Not just anyone can officially declare themselves a Google Partner. In fact, to become a partner you have to meet requirements on three levels: respect the minimum budget spent, pass certifications and maintain respectable performance across all accounts. This includes passing official exams, as well as ongoing training. In this way, Google ensures that its partners keep abreast of the latest developments and best practices.

1. Certification and continuing education

For Google Ads (formerly AdWords) certification, agency employees must have passed the search, display, YouTube and shopping certifications. In addition, they must demonstrate their ability to manage and optimize campaigns. These certifications are constantly being updated. So it's a good idea to pass them annually, not only to stay certified, but also to make sure you don't miss out on any new features.

2. Performance and customer satisfaction

Google also evaluates the performance of the campaigns managed by the agency, ensuring that quality standards are met. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of this evaluation.

A Google Partner must not only manage advertising budgets efficiently, it must also deliver convincing results for its customers.

For example, the optimization score for all accounts managed must be 70%. This means that the Google Partner Agency must constantly be on the lookout for suggestions for client accounts to ensure that the score remains above 70%. In practice, the ideal is to keep your optimization score above 85%. This ensures that your campaigns are running close to their maximum potential. Sometimes, certain recommendations can simply be ignored to keep the score high. In fact, there are two ways to maintain a high optimization score. Either by approving the recommendations or by discarding them. 

The minimum amount managed in advertising in the last 90 days must be above the $10,000 mark for all managed accounts.

3. Compliance with best practices

Being a Google Partner also means adhering to a charter of best practices laid down by Google. The agency undertakes to use the tools ethically and to offer total transparency to its customers.


Benefits for the agency

1. Recognition and credibility

Wearing the Google Partners badge is a sign of seriousness and professionalism in the strategic digital marketing industry, and more specifically in SEM (Search Engine Marketing). It adds real value in terms of credibility and trust with prospects and customers.

2. Access to Google resources

Google Partners benefit from privileged access to Google training, case studies and exclusive resources. This is a major asset for staying on top of trends and offering innovative services.

3. Direct support

In the event of technical problems or questions, the agency has a direct channel of communication with Google, enabling greater responsiveness and efficiency.


Benefits for the customers of a Google Partners Agency

1. Certified expertise

When you work with a Google Partners Agency, you can be sure of working with experts who have been trained and validated by Google. You're assured of optimal management of your advertising campaigns, and a strategy adapted to the latest trends.

2. Better ROI

Thanks to in-depth knowledge of the tools and constant optimization, customers benefit from a better return on investment. Campaigns perform better, costs are optimized and results are maximized.

3. Transparency and ethics

Partners are committed to offering their customers total transparency. Whether it's budget management, results or strategy, everything is clear and there are no surprises.

It’s better to choose a Google Partners Agency!

Google Partners status is more than just a logo to place on a website. It's the fruit of real commitment, extensive training and consistent performance. For an agency, it's recognition of its expertise. For its customers, it's the guarantee of a fruitful, ethical and results-oriented collaboration. Are you working with the right agency for the job?

As a decision-maker, choosing a Google Partners Agency means opting for excellence and ensuring the success of your digital initiatives.