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A Refined Alberta Ballet Web Presence in Craft CMS

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Craft CMS - Alberta Ballet & Globalia

Founded in 1966, Alberta Ballet has evolved into an integrated institution of arts and ballet training. The company is a resident of the Jubilee Auditorium and captivates over 60,000 Albertans each year with its exceptional performances.

Their vision: to fuel creativity, inspire excellence, and enrich the cultural fabric of the community.

With the same intention, Alberta Ballet aimed to enhance its brand image and improve its website to better reach its target audiences and stay at the forefront of digital innovation.


Craft CMS - Alberta Ballet & Globalia
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Design a digital identity and aesthetic that reflect and highlight the elegance and beauty of ballet while adhering to a very tight timeline.

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Optimize and streamline website content management for increased efficiency.

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Implement all the technical elements required for strong organic search engine optimization (SEO) performance.

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Goals and
Challenges Analysis

To kickstart the process, a comprehensive analysis of Alberta Ballet's objectives, the challenges of their current website, and user experience-related issues was conducted by a multidisciplinary team from Globalia in collaboration with the Alberta Ballet team.

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Following the findings, a development strategy was implemented to choose the most suitable solutions for Alberta Ballet's specific needs.

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The website design was a pivotal step in the success of this project: the user interface had to be intuitive and functional while reflecting the elegance and aesthetics of an artistic institution. The design experts at Globalia worked closely with the Alberta Ballet team to achieve this stunning outcome.

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Development and

The Globalia development team then implemented the website using Craft CMS, integrating the design while ensuring optimal performance, adequate security levels, and website accessibility.

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Before the deployment of the new website, extensive testing was conducted to ensure seamless functionality and a high-quality user experience across various platforms and browsers.


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Beauty & Excellence

Just like Alberta Ballet inspires, we crafted this artistic showcase with meticulous care and dedication to create an inspiring and masterfully executed website.

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Responsive and User-Friendly Website

The website was developed using Craft CMS, a flexible and robust technological solution, ideal for this project. Thanks to Craft CMS, Alberta Ballet now has a powerful and user-friendly content management platform, saving them a significant amount of time in content generation.

Optimal User Experience

Not only has Alberta Ballet's brand image been enhanced, but users now enjoy an optimal experience on the site. Thoughtful content architecture has been implemented to facilitate access to key information, enhance navigation, and maximize user engagement.

Alignment with Google's Best Practices

To ensure strong SEO performance, the website was designed in line with Google's recommended best practices for performance, accessibility, and organic ranking. This effort resulted in outstanding scores of 99/100/100/91 in Google Lighthouse results.

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Craft CMS - Alberta Ballet & Globalia

The website we created for Alberta Ballet effectively showcases our teams' ability to combine precision and creativity in our projects. Through close collaboration with the Alberta Ballet team, we delivered this artistic showcase within a very tight timeline without compromising on its quality. Globalia is honored to have been the trusted partner of Alberta Ballet in this successful digital transformation.

Craft CMS - Alberta Ballet & Globalia
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