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globalia + RAVEN MEDIA + CF moto

A Market Penetration in Inbound + Outbound Mode that is off the Beaten Path

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For this case study, Globalia combined the strength of two of their HubSpot clients: Raven Media and CFMoto Canada.

Raven Media is a Quebec company that has more than one string to its bow. They are the editors of UTV Planet, ATV Trail Rider, Planete Quad, Passion Motoneige, Custom Tour magazines, as well as the Guide du VTT.

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Our Main Objectives

Raven Media is a small enterprise specialized in their field that caters to a very specific market. They wanted to increase traffic on their website in order to reach as many motorized sports fans as possible, but also to increase the number of advertisements seen on their various websites.


Reach the CPM advertising objectives as quickly as possible.


Increase the number of people signed up for newsletters in order to surpass their competitors.


Attract new fans that are not already signed up to the magazines.

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Reaching as many people as possible who are passionate about ATVs for Raven Media, and in parallel for CFMoto, without them cannibalizing each other

For these two enterprises that already know each other and are well aware that Globalia is both of their Inbound strategy partner, it was logical to work together on this project.

Globalia didn’t want to double the effort for the two projects for efficiency and pertinence reasons. It was not interesting, for any of the parties, to repeat actions or pollute their audience’s social feeds.


Reaching Very Ambitious Objectives for Raven Media and CFMoto

One of the objectives was to increase each company’s subscriber base by 50 000 in only 4 months (from May 2021 to August 2021).

Targeting was therefore extremely important as the distribution of CFMoto vehicles by CFMoto Canada is exclusive to Canadian residents and the new CFORCE 1000 Overland is a model of

ATV that differs from what CFMoto usually sells in Canada. (We even had to target a completely new persona).

For Raven Media, the targeting was slightly less important, but as the intention was to sell subscriptions to new subscribers, their interest for motorized sports absolutely had to be confirmed.


Making CFMoto’s upper management adopt the Strategy we proposed

The penetration of a vehicle in Canada wasn’t new for CFMoto. The deciders therefore had a certain hesitation in regards to the strategies proposed by Globalia, because at first glance they seemed similar to what other agencies had proposed in the past, with the exception of HubSpot’s magic touch. This magic touch made all the difference in the proposed solution and the results we achieved!

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The Solution we Proposed

Unifying the strength and marketing strategies of two clients simultaneously


Launching a pan-Canadian joint contest for all quad and ATV fans where the participants had the chance to win the new CFORCE 1000 Overland from CFMoto Canada.

CFMoto supplied the grand prize and the visuals/videos required for promoting the contest, and Raven Media supplied the channels of communication to reach the fans and amplify the reach of the contest via several groups of fans on social media and social advertisements.

The differentiating element was to target 49 999 losers, not only 1 winner. This new perspective would allow us to remarket these contacts for subscriptions to various Raven Media magazines, and redirect them to CFMoto dealerships across Canada. The contest participation form captured important demographic data (such as interest in motorized sports and geographical sector) so as to better understand which personas could be interested in the new CFORCE 1000 Overland.

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Global Results for CFMoto and Raven Media

In short, it was found that in only 4 months, Globalia helped CFMoto and Raven Media implement ultra-performant tools through HubSpot in order to build a performant campaign that exceeded expectations, allowing them to obtain a total of nearly 50 000 new contacts combined!

The collaboration of the two enterprises also made it possible to collect more information on their clients and visitors, allowing them to offer personalized content and sales to the right clients at the right time. This translated into an increase in their number of subscribers and clients.

The HubSpot solution was more than useful in terms of organizing the work and communications, as well as in measuring performance and having a global view of the campaign.

Le concours à permis de répondre au principal

The contest answered Raven Media’s main objective of increasing traffic on their website in order to increase the number of advertisements seen in as little time as possible.

Raven-Media almost doubled the number of visits in 2020 and increased the number of contacts they created in one year by 836.98%.

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Raven Media Results


Increasing their number of contacts from 3 000 to 38 000, so 13x more contacts in just a few months. This has never been seen before!

35 000

Raven Media also benefitted from the efforts deployed on social media, including organic social referencing and search engine referencing with a total of over 35 000 contacts reached.


The campaign was very successful with 35 125 fans who were not subscribed to the magazines on 35 180 sign-ups for the contest, representing 99.8% of contacts that could become new subscribers.

CFMoto Results

11 000

Thanks to the actions put into place, the enterprise managed to generate over 11 000 new contacts. They were pleasantly surprised by the number of contacts that signed up, especially because there were close to twice as many as the initial objective.

14 million

Increasing the brand’s notoriety in the Canadian population via social referencing and search engine referencing, with a total of more than 14 million impressions and 158K clicks during the contest.


Over 223% increase in traffic and more than 1024% increase in the number of CFMoto contacts compared to the same period last year.

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