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globalia + Polyalto

Support to optimize the Inbound practice via HubSpot tools.

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PolyAlto group is the largest plastic distributor and manufacturer in Eastern Canada. The group has 110 employees working in two branches and distributes and manufactures plastic materials for the resources industry, the manufacturing industry, and the food and beverages industry.

Established in Quebec, Canada for 40 years now, it is the largest manufacturing and distribution company of plastic products in the province of Quebec.

The Problem

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At the very beginning of spring 2020, the government of Quebec announced the closure of non-essential shops and businesses of all kinds. PolyAlto group is therefore facing a precarious situation since the vast majority of its employees can’t work from home. The group is then obliged to suspend its activities and temporarily lay off most of its staff. An uneasy and financially unstable situation then sets in, for an undefined period.

During this downtime, their digital activities, social media, blog, and website, remain active. Finally, several weeks later, when the lockdown finally eases and businesses are allowed to reopen, new sanitary measures are in effect, involving a multitude of plastic objects. 

As a result, the group’s digital activities generated a lot of leads, which they now need to convert into customers and ultimately into promoters. But how will they manage to do that? With an improved and enhanced Inbound strategy.

The Challenges

Faced with the high demand for plastic products, the group must improve its online presence. To do so, PolyAlto needs to improve its Inbound marketing strategy, in order to be available and better respond to the questions and needs of the many new prospects searching for answers online.  

In addition, the group must ensure that all new prospects acquired during the crisis, who are not among their typical buyers, are converted into customers.


To succeed in this project, Polyalto group, therefore, had many challenges to overcome

Realigning the Team


Demonstrate, remotely and via videoconference, to all team members the necessity of adopting and using the Inbound methodology so that they use it on a daily basis and that their strategies become more effective and profitable for the business.

Do better "Smarketing" (Alignment of Marketing and Sales)

Contextualizing their Strategy


Optimize Inbound practices already in place in order for the company to become more efficient, by creating inbound personas, optimizing and personalizing lead capture tools, and writing contextualized and adapted content for their different targets.

Aligning Sales and Marketing


Getting the marketing and sales team work in symbiosis so that prospects approached through marketing strategies are transferred to the sales team and converted into customers in the most seamless way possible.

The Solution


Since the group already had some knowledge of Inbound, the solution came in the form of support for the optimization of their Inbound practices via the HubSpot tools. 


Globalia’s team, therefore, helped PolyAlto group to improve its digital marketing strategies by providing professional support focused on the business needs, goals, and challenges to be met. Globalia also helped the group to optimize their use of HubSpot CRM and other marketing automation tools to allow them to get the most out of it.

This is how Globalia’s team met, through videoconference, with the managers of the sales and marketing teams to explain them the importance, but also the impact that the implementation of an optimized marketing strategy can have in their Inbound practices. Globalia also helped the group to take ownership of the various HubSpot tools at their disposal so they can use them to their full potential, in order to reap opportunities, but above all, results.


The HubSpot tools that made a difference


The HubSpot blog management tool helped them to write more targeted and adapted content for their personas and help them rank higher on the web browsers


The landing page creation tool helped them to acquire new prospects and contacts from new markets outside the usual fields of activity of the business


The sales pipeline automation tool  simplified and optimized the work of the sales management team


The marketing automation tool increased the customer experience by sending automated emails, and providing quicker customer service to every client and prospect despite the huge amount of leads to manage and the small size of PolyAlto’s marketing team


The HubSpot form tool helped them create smart forms to collect relevant information on prospects and feedback on their content so they better qualify them


The HubSpot email tool allowed them to easily create newsletters to better communicate with their newly acquired prospects and present them contextual new offers in order to convert them into customers


The task management tool helped them to better organize themselves;


In order to present quality content, but also adapted to the need of their target audience, Globalia’s team also guided them during the creation of their Inbound personas and by establishing with them their buyer’s journey. 

With their Inbound content strategy already in place, the group was able to naturally educate and inform people facing the unknown of the pandemic. In addition, with the many HubSpot tools and the help of Globalia’s team, the group was able to refine its Inbound content strategy to be more efficient, thus ensuring their online presence while reaching out to the right people. In short, all of these efforts, before and during the pandemic guaranteed their success.

This way, the PolyAlto group was able to publish relevant content, but also focused on the different needs and interests of its personas, while respecting the different phases of the buyer’s journey, by presenting the right content, at the right time, on the right platform, to the right customer. 

Finally, in order to properly implement the Inbound strategy in their practices, the PolyAlto group also had to learn to make its sales and marketing teams work hand in hand towards the same goal.

Globalia’s team, therefore, helped the two teams work better together. The sales team had to support the marketing team in creating content so that it attracted more qualified but also interested leads. Another objective of the sales team was to provide feedback to the marketing team when the nurturing plan was not working out and needed improvement. In this way, the prospects  were more likely to be converted into customers and then into promoters.

The Results


Due to their already existing online presence, when the demand for plastic products increased because of the pandemic, the group gained a lot of new leads.

Thanks to the improved Inbound marketing strategy and the now optimal use of HubSpot tools, the PolyAlto group has been able to collect valuable information on their new leads and offer more traditional products sold by the group, thus transforming those leads into customers, all the while powering their flywheel.

In addition, their perfected SEO and content strategy ensured that their written contents were discovered by many users, who were then converted into customers by the sales team.

Moreover, they also got 184k impressions and 10,500 clicks over the same timeframe, thanks to their paid efforts in addition to registering a reach equivalent to what they would have achieved after 10 years in only two months.

007 - Stats Icons


Organic publications generated over 35.9 million impressions between April and May.


16 500

The blog has been visited over 16,500 times, which is impressive in this very specific field of activity.


70 000

Their landing pages were viewed over 70,000 times between April and May.


67 000

Over 67,000 emails were sent using Hubspot tools, with an open rate of 35%.


+ 200 000$

The group has compiled over $200,000 in sales through their online business in addition to clearing warehouse inventory.

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