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globalia + coalition avenir québec

Innovative digital solutions that solidify a long-standing collaboration.

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Since 2015, Globalia has demonstrated its expertise and positioned itself as a technology partner of choice for the Coalition Avenir Québec political party.

Process optimization was initially at the heart of the CAQ's needs. Since then, the technological sustainability of the tools developed continues to be our primary mission.

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A high-performance management software package at the cutting edge of technology

The Coalition Avenir Québec wanted a software platform to support its operational decision-making in an electoral context. Since the organization could not count on the half-century of experience of the other major parties in the running for the election, it needed a powerful platform that would allow it to make up for this difference.

The political party had had the opportunity to experiment with different electoral platforms in previous years and was ready to move on to the next step, which was to develop, with the support of a technological and strategic partner, its own customized platform.

The development of a platform designed to meet the needs and reality of the Coalition Avenir Québec should ultimately allow for the scoring of a large pool of citizens in order to identify the base of favorable voters, to grow it until the day of the official election and to "get out" the vote of these supporters.

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Cutting-edge technologies

Globalia's team leveraged its expertise in cutting-edge technologies to perform a complete redesign of the previous election tool, optimizing popular features and developing elements that were missing from the party strategy.

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Powerful algorithms

Highly sophisticated algorithms have been developed by Globalia's team of experts to facilitate the decision making of organizers and thus optimize the efforts of activists on the ground.


User experience

Globalia's experienced design team was able to meet the many needs of the organization, while ensuring unanimous adoption of the platform by all users.

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"Plan your vote" Platform 

The Globalia team developed a web platform that allowed voters to plan their vote in advance. By entering their voting card information, they could then obtain all the locations and time slots available to vote, as well as the estimated turnout. For voters with limited mobility, the option to arrange transportation was also available. 

In addition, a reminder system allowed voters to choose when and how they wanted to be reminded to vote. This platform allowed many Quebecers to exercise their right to vote without having to wait in long lines on election day.

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Digital transformation of the party membership card

For the sake of the environmental footprint and user convenience, the membership cards have been switched from paper to a digital version. To obtain this card, the Globalia team created a web platform and an API where members log in with their membership number and receive an authentication code on their phone or email address.

In addition, the digital transformation of the membership card has allowed for the addition of several features to enhance the member experience, such as faster access to party events and the ability to view their profile at any time.

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Ongoing technical support

Although the project has been launched, Globalia remains involved to ensure the sustainability, performance and security of the CAQ platform. This project required a large infrastructure and several interconnected applications, which is why it is all the more important to maintain and evolve them. The Globalia team is therefore continuously monitoring its maintenance and evolution.

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5 million

The tools developed by Globalia have allowed the CAQ to engage with more than 5 million voters since 2015 in the form of surveys, phone calls, emails and texts.


4000 users

During the 2022 general election, more than 4,000 users had the opportunity to simultaneously use the platform developed by Globalia. Its ease of use ensured its rapid adoption by activists of all ages and backgrounds.


10 elections

The technological tools developed by Globalia have been put to the test during the last 10 by-elections and general elections. The Coalition Avenir Québec was thus able to benefit from an undeniable technological advantage in the achievement of its electoral objectives.



The collaboration between CAQ and Globalia began in 2015, and then the projects multiplied and our business relationship solidified.


70% reduction

The political organization has seen an estimated 60% to 75% reduction in staffing requirements through automation and optimization of complex and time-consuming processes.


4 years

We are proud to say that Globalia will continue to work with the CAQ on various mandates for the next 4 years. We are very excited to see what lies ahead!

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