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Whether you are looking to create an innovative eCommerce solution, develop a world-class transactional website, or implement growth driving B2B/B2C e-commerce strategies, we are the ideal partners!

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eCommerce website development

Let us help you develop the best transactional website in your industry, and take advantage of the best eCommerce practices available in the market today !

Updates & maintenance

Avoid unexpected technical glitches ! An outdated website is a target for hackers and viruses. We will monitor your eCommerce platform and carry out necessary updates to offer a seamless user experience for your customers.

eCommerce audit & performance analysis

Discover your flaws and elements of friction to increase your conversion and order completion rates. Our eCommerce experts will help to identify the elements you need to prioritize in order to improve your performances.

Data connectors, importation and synchronization

In business, you have to be able to make quick, informed decisions. Time is money. Reduce manual operations by centralizing your data : HubSpot CRM, eCommerce website, ERP, Intranet and your website.

Save time by letting us create the connections between your systems !

eCommerce Marketing

Improving your return on investment (ROI) in the eCommerce industry is not an easy task. Work with us to develop a unique and innovative market strategy to enjoy higher profits. 

Amazon & Marketplace Strategies

Online sales shouldn’t be limited to your eCommerce website. Take advantage of marketplace platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, BestBuy, etc. Our experts will help you to advertise your products conveniently everywhere to reach a larger clientele.

eCommerce Tactical Support

Take advantage of our eCommerce team’s expertise to develop a proper tactical plan for your daily business operations. With your data and our detailed analysis, we will create precise strategic plans to help you successfully manage your business objectives.

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Thank you for trusting us

We are extremely proud of the recognition that the quality of our work has received. Globalia is happy to share this mark of confidence with you.

Thanks to their personalized service, expert advise, and rigorous follow ups, we reached digitization in record time!
Nyko Lazure
Marketing Director, Pont Masson
Redesigning our eCommerce website with Globalia was a great experience with both the team members I already knew, as well as those I got to know in the process! Thank you for your transparency and expertise!
Claire Robillard
E-Marketing Director, Starfrit (Promotions Atlantiques)
Your team works very hard to always ensure everything is top notch! I want to personally thank you for your collaboration. It is always great working with you.
David Lutzy
Buyer, Langevin Forest
Thank you for the new website! I think it’s beautiful, and I enjoy the autonomy it gives me.
Martine Blouin
Owner, Voltige
27 - Slider Testimonials

Merci de nous faire confiance

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Le refonte du site e-commerce fût une superbe expérience avec l’équipe de Globalia. Tant avec ceux que je connaissais que ceux que j’ai appris à connaître! Bravo pour votre expertise et transparence!
Claire Robillard
Directrice e-marketing

Grace à leur service personnalisé, leur conseils d'experts et les suivis rigoureux à l’égard de notre projet, nous avons réussi un virage numérique plus qu’impressionnant dans un délais rapide !

Nyko Lazure
Directeur Marketing
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