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globalia + D‑BOX

We are helping D‑BOX to push the boundaries of Haptic technology

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D-BOX is a publicly traded company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:DBO) with its head office in Montreal, while having offices in Los Angeles and Beijing.

D-BOX is a leader in haptic technology allowing users to have an immersive experience when watching movies or playing video games.

Globalia has completely redesigned the corporate website, which is now more ergonomic, flexible and focused on lead generation. We also support D-BOX in the optimal use of HubSpot and for their Inbound marketing strategy.

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Objectives of the Remodelling


Improve the website’s ergonomics


Facilitate content management


Generate an “SEO friendly” website


Focus on lead generation

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Use of HubSpot CMS

HubSpot CMS is a website content management software that provides the flexibility marketers are looking for, as well as the strength required by developers, while proposing a personalized and secure client experience.

  • HubSpot CMS includes “premium” hosting, dynamic content, and a “drag-and-drop” management interface.
  •  Creation of page variations for A/B testing.
  •  SEO recommendations directly in the CMS.
  • Multilingual creation functionalities, without the use of external plugins.
  • Completely integrated into HubSpot CRM.
  • Complete analytical data and lead tracking.
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Smart Content Functionalities

HubSpot CMS includes Smart Content and Smart CTA functionalities making it possible to adapt the website’s content according to the visiting buyer persona. These functionalities provide a never-before-seen personalized user experience that maximizes the site’s chances of conversion.

  • Makes it possible to modify the look of a website or it’s content, according to the interest and past behavior of the visitor, while taking into account the geographical position, language, type of device, provenance of the visitor, demographic information, etc.
  • Smart CTA allows the personalization of call-to-action buttons, always according to the page’s visitors.
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Integration of Dynamic Content

  • Addition of a module that dynamically displays the upcoming films on D-Box, coming from the microsite “catalog”.

  • Addition of a module that dynamically displays the latest games and movies compatible with D-Box.

  • Addition of a module that displays all the types of content from the microsite “catalog”.

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Catalog of films adapted for D-BOX

  • Creation of a Single Page Application in Vue.js.
  • Movies and series data collected from The Movie Database with an API connection.
  • Comprehensive and powerful title display filters
  • Title display according to filter selections, without refreshing the page
  • Powerful search engine to search by title type
  • Display of D-BOX theaters from all over the world

New Section Dedicated to Investors

D-BOX is an enterprise listed on the TSX stock exchange. For this reason, they must offer information to their current or future investors. We have developed an efficient new section to view at https://www.d-box.com/en/investor-relations.

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New Customer Service Center

Customer service and satisfaction are part of D-Box’s DNA. Given its importance to the enterprise, we have developed a new and improved customer service center in order to regroup all the information destined for their current clientele.

In this new customer service centre, we can find a knowledge base, software downloading, support documents and videos, troubleshooting articles, contact forms, and much more.

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Increase in the number of visitors to the website



Increase in the number of pages viewed per visit



Increase in organic traffic



Reduction in page loading speed



Increase in the number of leads

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We managed to deliver a brand-new website in 4 months, while respecting tight deadlines, budget, and having fun! In my 20 years of digital marketing experience, I’ve never met a team as dedicated, creative, professional and results driven as the Globalia team. They know HubSpot inside and out, making any redesign project smooth sailing!


Annie Lupien
Digital Marketing Director at D-BOX Technologies
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