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Maintenance and cybersecurity

Ensure the performance and integrity of your website in a world where technology is constantly evolving.

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Regardless of the technology behind your website, whether it is WordPress, Magento, or Craft, every website could contain security vulnerabilities. It goes without saying that it is imperative to ensure that your website is always functional and secure for your clients and data. To do so, it is important to make sure the components of your website are updated on a regular basis.

A typical website includes at minimum a theme and several extensions. According to its configuration, a typical WordPress website can contain between 15 and 50 extensions. All of these components have to be updated regularly ; but not just in any way. A specific work method must be respected in order to ensure the proper functioning of the website.

Our team of specialists always remains up to date on the best practices in the industry. Allow our team to ensure this aspect so you can focus on managing your business with peace of mind.

It is essential to be informed and proactive.

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Other services

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Development of custom digital tools

Custom development of a digital solution could be a game changer for your organization. Exceed your business objectives with Globalia.

Website development

Update your website and provide your business with a powerful digital platform. All of Globalia's expertise will be put to good use to ensure a successful transformation!

Intranet / Extranet development

The implementation of Intranet or Extranet tools is the ideal solution to improve your internal communications with your team members, as well as your external communications with your prospects, clients and partners.

Website audit and performance analysis

Your digital platform doesn’t seem optimal? Do you need advice from an expert? We will be happy to carry out a precise analysis and/or complete diagnosis of your web site. Our recommendations will help you achieve better results.

Web hosting

All of our clients may add a hosting service to their projects with Globalia. In this way, it is possible to centralise several services in the same place and have peace of mind when it comes to the security of your digital platform.

Personalized training

Take advantage of Globalia’s expertise in order to improve your knowledge of the digital field. Globalia offers several types of training on a multitude of technologies adapted to your needs.

Digital strategy SEO / SEM

Globalia offers different digital strategy packages. Whether you need periodic or continuous coaching, our team of experts will quickly become your best ally to help you generate a maximum amount of traffic on your digital platform.

Social medias strategy

Channel your efforts with a performant strategy. It all depends on your needs; Globalia can act as an extension of your internal team. Together, let’s target the right platforms while presenting the right message to the right audience.

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Thank you for trusting us

We are extremely proud of the recognition that the quality of our work has received. Globalia is happy to share this mark of confidence with you.


We have been collaborating with Globalia for over 5 years. They play a key role in the creation of our external and internal web platforms. Their sympathetic, competent employees are proactive and very receptive to our needs.

Suzanne Virgona
Senior Advisor, Cogeco inc.

You are extraordinary. You have always made be feel extremely well supported. I have an excellent relationship with all the members of Globalia’s team I collaborate with.

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Geneviève Fabio
Digital Project Manager, Corpiq and Kangalou

Globalia is a team of collaborative experts that has allowed us to implement digital business solutions and significantly increase our online visibility over the last 5 years.

Marianne Dupuis
Marketing Director, Logiflex

Incredible website redesign project completed in record time by a competent and dedicated team. What a pleasure to work with such a reliable partner!

Benoit Maheux-L
Vice President Innovation & Marketing

Since the establishment of CargoM in 2013, we have been working closely with Globalia’s team to improve our online presence. Their expertise, flexibility, and availability have made Globalia an essential partner for our organization.

Mathieu Charbonneau
General Manager, Cargo Montreal

Globalia is a partner of choice for thinking through and implementing large-scale digital projects. We had a complex need with several business rules and aging ecosystems. Globalia was able to meet the challenge by offering us a user-friendly, high-performance platform.

Jessy Girard
Senior Manager - Marketing and Business Partnerships

We have had the privilege of working with Globalia for over 8 years now. What makes them stand out from other suppliers in the industry is definitely their customer service. They always aim for excellence and build on a personalized relationship with each one of their clients. With Globalia there are never any problems; only solutions. They are always available when we need them.

Dominique Monchamp
Senior Advisor, Fondation de Gaspe Beaubien

I have always been extremely happy with Globalia’s work, and especially their maintenance teams.

Gautier Caland
Marketing Director, Indigo
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Merci de nous faire confiance

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Nous avons le privilège de bénéficier des services de Globalia depuis plus de six ans. La différence entre Globalia et d’autres fournisseurs de l’industrie est assurément leur service à la clientèle. Ils visent continuellement l’excellence et mise sur une relation personnalisée avec leur client. Avec Globalia on n’a pas de problème, on a que des solutions. Ils répondent toujours présents lorsqu’on a besoin d’eux.

Dominique Monchamp
Conseillère principale, Fondation de Gaspé Beaubien

Incredible website redesign project completed in record time by a competent and dedicated team. What a pleasure to work with such a reliable partner!

Benoit Maheux-L
Vice President Innovation & Marketing