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5 of our favorite takeaways from the Craft Dot All 2022 event

Globalia team

On September 27th, 5 members of our team headed to Brooklyn for the Dot All 2022 event. Hosted by Craft CMS, a content management system for creating custom web projects, this event welcomes and brings together members of the Craft community every year. Attendees have the chance to attend a multitude of lectures and hands-on workshops to learn more about recent platform developments. The members of the Globalia team took part in Dot All with the goal of staying on top of the latest trends and staying up to date technologically. Ultimately, it is in our values to always offer quality services to our customers, and it is by being at the top of our game that we can do so.

As a verified Craft partner, Globalia could not pass up this opportunity to learn more about the Craft CMS! Our experts, Nancy, Mathieu, Maxime, and Sébastien, went to the event and are sharing their top five Dot All highlights with you. 

1. The new Craft Cloud

During the Dot All event, the Craft team announced the development and improvement of their service called Craft Cloud. Although its launch is only planned for next year, Craft Cloud will be useful for hosting and allocating resources needed to run the sites of Craft projects. In other words, Craft Cloud will allow the management of everything related to Craft on a single platform. Working with AWS and Cloudflare technologies, Craft Cloud will ensure the simplicity, security, and scalability of your projects. The estimated price will be $200 USD and will include a Craft pro license.

2. Shopify plugin

A Shopify plugin will be available for Craft CMS in the next few weeks. It will be completely independent, so there is no need to buy Craft Commerce anymore. Shopify products will be synced as items in Craft, allowing the addition of custom fields and relationships. This option combines the strength of content management via Craft and Shopify's store.

3. Craft 5 

The new version of Craft, Craft 5, is currently under development. Craft 5 brings changes to categories, tags, and globals, which will become entries. In addition, entry types will now be independent, meaning that they can be assigned to multiple sections simultaneously and transferred from one section to another. It will also be possible to prepare drafts and plan their publication at a later date, allowing companies to be more organized and prepared. 

Finally, the most remarkable change brought by Craft 5 is the Inception fields. This new feature will allow the nesting of entries at will, and it is an automatic matrix that will choose the types of associated entries.

4. Our favorite Dot All 2022 conference

The talk we enjoyed the most was "Craft Command Line Magic" by the amazing speaker Michael Rog, the founder of the coding and web development company Build For Humans. This presentation taught us that it is possible to save entries while assigning a value to a field. This value can come from an attribute, a fixed or an empty value, and even from a function return.

5. Plugins discovery

Some plugins for Craft that we didn't know about :

  • Vite.js
    Allows to link twig templates to Vite.js, which is a front-end development environment for frameworks such as Vue.js, React, etc.
  • Vizy
    An overloaded text editor that allows you to insert custom block types. This allows you to create the page as you want it. It's a bit like what Craft will implement in version 5 with card content management.


We can easily say that the Dot All event was a great success for the Globalia team! This experience was not only intellectually enriching and interesting, but also full of great team and travel memories. We came out of it very motivated and with our heads full of new knowledge that we can't wait to apply when we get back to work.

Would you like to discuss more about the topics covered during the Dot All 2022? Do not hesitate to contact our team.