Do you want to perfectly master all your business’ software and management tools?

Our team of experts at Globalia is experienced in the digital field. We master many technologies commonly used in business management and development. We can therefore train your team to efficiently use your company’s tools and software.

Globalia also has several entrepreneurs on our team. Their knowledge in business management and their real entrepreneurial experiences make them perfect trainers.

Here are some examples of trainings and themes we propose:

  • How to establish a good content strategy (Inbound)
  • How to take full advantage of HubSpot (CRM-Sales-Marketing-Services-CMS)
  • How to properly use Magento 2
  • How to properly use WordPress and WooCommerce
  • How to define Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • How to calculate your business’ digital performance
  • How to create an e-commerce business plan
  • How to properly use your CRM
  • What to do to increase your online sales
  • What to consider during the implementation of an Intranet
  • How to define client personas
  • How to define your clients’ Buyer’s Journey
  • How to produce performance reports in just a few minutes

We also offer personalized training, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you don’t see your specific need mentioned in the list above.

Gloablia is a government certified trainer; our trainings are therefore eligible for the Quebec Job Skills Act (also known as the 1% Training Law)

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