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Laravel is an open source PHP framework that makes the development of web applications easier by respecting the principle of model-view-controller.

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It is developed in object-oriented programming (OOP). Laravel’s distribution is done under MIT license, with its sources hosted on GitHub. Since 2016, Laravel has been one of the top frameworks ranked by GitHub.

One of the interesting aspects of Laravel is its large community of active users. There is even a unifying event (which Globalia follows and participates in) called Laracon (Laravel Convention).

Laravel offers many functionalities such as: routing requests, Eloquent mapping, authentications, data base migration, and unit testing.

Here at Globalia, we use Laravel for personalized development (applications and web). We choose Laravel for its numerous functionalities, carrying out rapid and efficient development, its high level of security, ever-improving performance, and for how simple it is to use.

Laravel is an excellent choice of framework to harmonize your growth objectives with your personalized development needs.

If you would like to speak to Laravel experts who will listen to your needs, you’ve come to the right place!

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