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The most widely used content management system (CMS) on the market. WordPress powers more than 40% of websites worldwide.

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In fact, it is by far the most-used CMS on the planet. Even if some say it is the most hacked CMS (which isn’t surprising considering it is the most used), a good agency like Globalia will be able to recommend excellent solutions for your modules and updates in order to maintain an exemplary level of security. To take advantage of the platform safely, it is strongly recommended to work with a team of experts like our team here at Globalia!

WordPress is an Open source PHP CMS that uses a MySQL database.

As well as training you on the use of WordPress, we will be able to advise you on the best modules to take full advantage of the platform. We have worked on several dozen projects using WordPress CMS.

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Interesting features of WordPress:

  • Administration console for user management.
  • Good compatibility with external tools and systems.
  • Easy to use for less experienced users.
  • Large community of developers working on WordPress.
  • Scalable and unlimited solution.
  • Proven open source technology.
  • Easy to create and modify visual page templates.
  • WordPress offers preview before publishing a page.
  • High performance content management system optimized for SEO.
  • A multitude of extensions available to add functionalities.
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