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Globalia Becomes a Craft CMS Verified Partner

craft cms verified partner

We are proud to announce Globalia’s nomination for the title of Craft CMS Verified Partner. It is an honour to be the largest verified Craft tech firm in Canada! In total, Craft only has 224 verified partners around the world. This nomination is just further proof of our team’s unrivaled expertise.

What differentiates a Verified Partner?

Craft determine their verified partners according to 3 criteria:

  1. A potential partner must demonstrate the magnitude of their experience and present the variety and complexity of the projects they have achieved using Craft CMS.
  2. They must prove their in-depth knowledge of Craft and all its functionalities.
  3. They must use professional and reliable commercial practices.

By choosing a Verified Craft Partner such as Globalia, you will have the assurance of working with a firm of experts who master Craft CMS and who care about the success of your tech project.

The Craft CMS Expertise at Globalia

  • UX/ UI design
  • Data migration
  • Development of customized modules
  • Conversion from WordPress
  • Updates/ Upgrades of Craft CMS
  • API integration
  • Personalized development
  • Hosting/ Cloud solutions
  • and more!

What is Craft CMS?

Craft CMS is a content manager, similar to WordPress. Being that it is open code, this solution provides great flexibility for projects that require a more complex development. This content management system is therefore the perfect solution for enterprises with very specific or complex needs.

Developers appreciate Craft CMS for its simple personalization and Open-Source technology.

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