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Why and when to use HubSpot's CMS?

Why and in which situation is HubSpot's CMS right for you?

HubSpot has developed an excellent CMS over the past few years. While not free (open source) as WordPress might be, it is worth every dollar invested into using it. As of this writing, it is the # 1 rated CMS according to platform reviewer site G2. These votes come from the user community.



Who is HubSpot's CMS for?

It is particularly aimed at companies that have marketing teams with growth objectives. Moreover, it is clear that this is a good majority of companies. However, how many of them are actually putting effort in the right place to get there?

In order to get the most out of HubSpot's CMS, it should be administered by digital marketing experts in your organization.

Several advantages of the HubSpot CMS, compared to all other CMS existing on the market, are related to digital marketing and the challenges of digital growth.


Why choose HubSpot's CMS?

Here are 10 reasons why HubSpot CMS will be your best ally for your digital growth:

  1. It will be linked to your CRM (HubSpot CRM), which will greatly simplify your data accumulation.
  2. It will allow you to further optimize your marketing automation strategy (especially Workflows and Lead Scoring).
  3. It will allow you to make smart content: create personalized content for each of your personas. Content personalization, paired with marketing automation, is a formidable combo for optimizing your digital growth strategy. In addition to smart content, there is the possibility of making dynamic content with HubDB, that is to say that the content of your site adapts to the behavior of visitors.
  4. It is very easy to use, it is an excellent Drag and Drop type system. Plus, with HubSpot Academy, you will have access to great free online training.
  5. It is among the most secure and reliable CMS on the market. No security update is required for this CMS. In addition, it offers a wide range of modules and templates (if necessary), which have been pre-checked and tested before being made available in the HubSpot Marketplace. In fact, Globalia contributes to the HubSpot Marketplace.
  6. It offers several analysis tools integrated directly into the platform, which can help your marketing experts who administer the site to make good decisions and tactical directions. The CMS can obviously be linked to Google Analytics for those who prefer this tool, or use a combo of the two tools. HubSpot’s statistics are geared more towards lead generation than Google Analytics.
  7. Managing and testing your content in different languages ​​on your site is also one of the advantages of this CMS. To grow, you will most likely want to have a multilingual site in order to promote SEO on a larger scale.
  8. There is an excellent log of changes (activity log) that are made to the site. So, you have the possibility to know the activities by user at the site administration level according to the authorized access levels.
  9. There are few CMS that are so SEO-friendly! The CMS will make optimization recommendations for your pages. Additionally, one of the big SEO benefits of HubSpot is the topic cluster tool (included in Marketing Hub Pro or Enterprise) which helps to gain search traffic for highly targeted keywords and phrases. Let’s also remember that it’s not surprising that SEO is one of the great advantages of HubSpot's CMS, since Google is one of the main investors in HubSpot.
  10. It allows you to manage your site, your CRM, your marketing automation, your social media, your emails, and your acquisition campaigns in a single platform. You can then have access to dashboards accumulating all the data in the same place for all these statistical sources. This is a highly attractive advantage that will allow you to quickly make the right decisions in order to grow digitally and achieve your goals.

Growing Digitally

There are two simple tips to optimize your digital growth (growth hack):

  1. Customize your website
  2. Optimize your customers' purchasing journey

No CMS can do this better than HubSpot.

If you want to grow digitally and are planning a web overhaul, but some terms used in this text do not mean anything to you (for example workflows, lead scoring, smart content, etc.), do not hesitate to contact our team experts. It will be our pleasure to guide you and help you plan your digital growth with HubSpot! Here is an overview of the new CMS Hub.

Finally, HubSpot, not just for its CMS component, is a highly recommended tool for achieving digital growth goals.

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