<img alt="" src="https://secure.leadforensics.com/791786.png" style="display:none;"> The experience of five front-end developers at VueConf 2023

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The experience of five front-end developers at VueConf 2023


It was the eBusiness team's front-end developers' turn to go away for a few days. They headed to Toronto for VueConf 2023, one of the largest Vue.js conferences. On the agenda were panels, presentations, workshops and networking opportunities offered by Vue.js core team members and renowned industry experts. It was the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into Vue, both for those new to the tool (like Phil) and for more experienced Vue.js developers (like Yannick, who's been working with Vue since 2017). 

Here are their favorite moments and the key takeaways.

Overview of the transition from Vue 2 to Vue 3

If you've been using Vue for a few years, you'll know that the platform recently migrated to a brand new version, Vue 3. Evan You, creator of Vue.js, spoke with great humility about the migration. He and his team learned a lot and emerged stronger from the challenges.

Skills that are already useful

With a career in technology, we're always keen to further develop our skills and discover the latest innovations. At VueConf, we've been lucky!

Common mistakes

For the more junior users, the talk by Daniel Kelly, web development instructor at Vue School, was a must. With infectious energy, he presented a clear overview of common errors in Vue3, how to spot them and how to avoid them. "I've just started doing Vue, so I was very interested," explains Phil.


In principle, the web is designed to be accessible to everyone, whatever their hardware, language, location or abilities. However, with rapidly advancing technologies, it's important to keep compatibility up to date with new assistive tools. A few simple actions can make all the difference for many users.

Vivian shares his opinion: "The accessibility conference was of great interest to me because it gave lots of tools, but above all because we currently have a project that requires AA accessibility. So it's already going to help us this week."


The "Uncovering Nuxt's Hidden Gem" conference showcased some of Nuxt's lesser-used, but ultra-practical, hidden features.

  • NuxtUI: This module provides a UI library to speed up development. This includes components, icons, colors, dark mode and keyboard shortcuts.
  • NuxtImage: This module optimizes image processing and rendering to boost performance and make pages load faster. Resize and transform your images using the built-in optimizer or the content distribution network (CDN) of your choice.
  • NuxtDevTools: This module offers several useful tools for developers to identify performance gaps. It provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of the application, and aids development and debugging.
  • Nuxt-auth-utils: These integrated utilities support secure login and authentication. They can even be used to connect to various providers.
  • Nuxt Security: A security module based on OWASP Top 10 and Helmet.
  • Nuxt SEO: A collection of Nuxt modules specially designed to meet the demands of search engines and facilitate optimization work.

We've also found the perfect tool to help manage forms in Vue, FormKit. Justin Schroeder was able to explain a difficult problem in a very simple way. This piqued our curiosity and made us want to go further with his solution. We got to see the process, the hits and misses, and then the final version of FormKit now available. 

Forms are often a complex but important part of application sites. Given the tool's versatility, this was a particularly interesting discovery.

Beyond the conference

It was a great team outing! We'd all attended conferences before, but never the whole team together. So it became an ideal teambuilding opportunity, combining business with pleasure. In that spirit, we even decided to visit the Royal Ontario Museum and eat in some fine restaurants. We also had the chance to meet professionals from all over the country and further; Quebec, New Brunswick, British Columbia and Ukraine.

We'll remember VueConf 2023 for a long time, as much for its content as for the time spent with great colleagues. All in all, it was a little roadtrip between friends, each more passionate than the last about front-end development. Would you like a career as a front-end developer that looks like this? Apply now!