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4 Must-See Conferences on Our Agenda at INBOUND 2023


INBOUND 2023 is rapidly approaching, and our team is eager to return to Boston to participate in this major industry event. If you share our passion for marketing, inbound methodology, and HubSpot, you will certainly find our article on the 2023 edition of the event captivating.

Currently, our experts are planning their schedules for the event, carefully selecting the conferences that will be most beneficial for our team, our clients... and for you! That's why we are delighted to present to you a selection of 4 conferences that are assuredly on our agenda for INBOUND 2023. This list will give you a glimpse of the exciting insights we will share with you!

Must-Attend Conferences

Certainly, all the major conferences taking place on the main stage will be significant moments not to be missed. It is on this stage that famous personalities such as Derek Jeter (Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and National Baseball Hall of Fame inductee), Reese Witherspoon (Actress, producer, founder of Hello Sunshine), Zinhle Essamuah (Host of NBC News' daily show), to name just a few, will inspire us by discussing their projects and successes. HubSpot's giants like Dharmesh Shah (Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), HubSpot), Andy Pitre (Executive Vice President, Product, HubSpot), Yamini Rangan (CEO, HubSpot), and Brian Halligan (Co-founder and Executive Chairman, HubSpot) will also amaze us, as always, by sharing their visions and incredible journeys.

Don't worry if you can't attend INBOUND 2023 in Boston this year; our Globalia delegation will cover the event and be there to share relevant information with you!

4 Conferences Firmly on Our Agenda

A Well-Personalized CRM

"Build Deep CRM Customizations to Supercharge Your Business": This conference will be presented by Jon McLaren (Sr. Developer Advocate, HubSpot) and Laurie Qian (Product Manager, HubSpot) and will address the importance of a well-configured CRM tailored to a company's business reality. As sales and service teams find themselves overwhelmed by a multitude of disparate tools, there is a strong likelihood that a team's full potential may not be optimized. This session will delve into the many customization possibilities of HubSpot's CRM to tailor it to the needs of a company's teams. After this presentation, we will certainly have some valuable tips to share with you!

AI and its Marketing Revolution

On the agenda: "Marketing Revolution: How to Win When Everyone Is Using AI" by Neil Patel, a regular at HubSpot's INBOUND. Neil Patel, Co-founder of NP Digital, is always fascinating to listen to. In this session, he will take the discussion on the use of artificial intelligence in marketing much further. He will focus on tips for accelerating with AI, significantly improving organic SEO, innovating in our social media strategies, and more. In short, we will undoubtedly emerge from this conference inspired and motivated to share these new ways of doing things!

Building a Real Online Community

We look forward to hearing from Evan Hamilton (Director of Community, HubSpot) during his presentation, "How To Build a Community That Isn't a Ghost Town." We know that creating a truly engaged and dynamic community is challenging considering all the existing channels today... and this reality is not improving! The speaker, an expert in building thriving communities who has worked with platforms such as Reddit, Nextdoor, Coursera, and HubSpot, will share the pitfalls to avoid and how to plan our approach for a successful launch of a high-performing community. We are eager to discover these concrete tips: stay tuned!

When Remote Work Leads to Success

Since we are advocates of remote work at Globalia, the session "How to curate a vibrant, remote-first culture at scale" interests us greatly! Can we establish a dynamic, cohesive, and high-performing culture within a 100% remote team? We will learn more from the speaker, Jen Spencer (CEO, SmartBug Media). According to her, the journey to success requires careful selection, effective time allocation, leadership attention, and, most importantly, adequate funding. During this session, the speaker will share what has worked, what hasn't yielded the expected results, and the necessary planning to sustain the synergy of your business growth and culture over time. We are keen to learn more about this topic, which allows us to maintain our teams' performance even at a distance while ensuring that Globalia's culture brings happiness to its employees!

INBOUND 2023: Innovation, Strategy, and Inspiring Connections

INBOUND 2023 is an invaluable opportunity to dive into the heart of digital marketing evolution, innovation, and strategic thinking. Every conference, discussion, and interaction will contribute to broadening our horizons and stimulating our creativity to provide high-level service and advice to our network.

Whether you are a seasoned marketing professional or taking your first steps in this dynamic field, INBOUND 2023 offers a unique opportunity to connect with bright minds, discover new perspectives, and explore the trends that will shape the future of our industry. For those of you who will be in Boston in September: enjoy the moment and let us know so we can meet up!

We hope that our selection of 4 conferences has given you a taste of the rich knowledge and exciting ideas that will be shared at this exceptional event. Of course, there will be a plethora of other conferences that our team of 14 experts will attend! We look forward to returning enriched by this experience and sharing with you all the lessons and discoveries that have made the greatest impression on our team!

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