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Live the INBOUND 2022 experience alongside the Globalia team

The Globalia team in front of the "Grow Better" sign in HubSpot HQ

After 2 years of virtual attendance, we finally had the opportunity to attend the highly anticipated INBOUND 2022 event as an Elite HubSpot partner. Sixteen Globalia members left for Boston on Monday, September 5th, to live the INBOUND experience, attend various conferences, do some networking and participate in many fun activities. 

What is INBOUND ?

INBOUND is an annual event organized by HubSpot which brings together thought leaders from all around the world who share great expertise in marketing, sales, income operations, and customer success. It’s an immersive experience that allows participants to broaden their knowledge on marketing and technology, while discovering the newest trends and developments. This event perfectly combines business with pleasure, with its many conferences, artists, musicians and comedians present on site everyday.


Monday, September 5th:
Watch out, INBOUND 22

Departure for the beautiful city of Boston in Massachusetts! 

We all are truly excited for the week ahead… Especially because it will be the first INBOUND experience for some of our team members, and their first time seeing some of their colleges in real life because of teleworking, 

After a 5-hour car ride, the team went to City Tap House to enjoy a great dinner before heading back to the Seaport’s Omni Boston Hotel to gather some strength and tackle the week ahead.


Tuesday, September 6th:
We visit Boston under the rain and attend the famous VIP party

First official day! 

Even if the sky was still gray, we started off the day in a radiant mood with a pleasant breakfast at the hotel restaurant, Kestra.

Dan Tyre, HubSpot's sales director, hosted a meeting with other Sales Skills Bootcamp's instructors, so some members of our team met with him. He’s the 6th HubSpot employee and the pioneer of Smartmarketing, which groups marketing and sales. This exchange was extremely enriching for our team. 

Because we are an Elite HubSpot partner, we had some additional privileges, such as visiting the beautiful HubSpot offices and spinning the famous Flywheel!

The afternoon was more flexible; every employee had the liberty to do whatever they wanted. Therefore, some went to Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Arts on the harbor to admire impressive works of art by Lorraine O’Grady, Yayoi Kusama, and Rose B. Simpson. 

Despite the rain that flooded the city, some ventured into Boston to discover the American culinary culture. First stop: the famous Regina’s Pizza restaurant to enjoy one of the most renowned pizzas in New England. We also visited the Quincy Market before stopping at Mike’s Pastry to taste a traditional cannoli. 

At 6 p.m., the team met with Tiphaine Amblard, a senior trainer in digital marketing at Hubspot. She's in charge of the french HubSpot Academy, so she guides French people in their personal and professional development. 

We were fortunate enough that the rain finally stopped, allowing us to attend the outdoors VIP HubSpot event at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The place was filled with illuminated ornaments, which added a great atmosphere to the evening. The musicians Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue were also present and sent out good vibes, making the event even more enjoyable and remarkable. This event kicked off the INBOUND 2022 experience the right way, and we all had a ton of fun!

After this first full day in Boston, walking (a lot!), discovering the area, and celebrating (a bit!), sleep was greatly appreciated!

Article INBOUND 6 sept-1

Wednesday, September 7th:
We discover the new HubSpot improvements

We started the day a little exhausted, but still really excited for what’s ahead. Wednesday started off quite early with a meeting between the sales teams from Globalia and Hubspot Canada, composed primarily of Alex Santangelo, Annalisa Specter, and Saher Ghattas

Then, our HubSpot master, Evens Sheehy, had the opportunity to host the Ask Me Anything about Hubspot in french. This allowed him to put his HubSpot knowledge to practice while engaging in a very relevant and educational conversation. Good job Evens!

During the afternoon, we all parted ways to attend the conferences that interested us the most. 

The highlights:

  • HubSpot Spotlight with Yamini Rangan (CEO), Stephanie Cuthbertson (CPO), and Dharmesh Shah (Co-founder and CTO)’s presentation to explain the new features and improvements made at Hubspot.
  • Kyle Jespon’s overview on configurations, optimizations, and troubleshooting recommendations. 
  • A session on email marketing, presented by Jay Schwedelson, where he states the importance of thinking outside the box in order to get the client’s attention. 
  • An interview on leadership with Brian Halligan (Co-founder at HubSpot) and Dannie Herzberg (Sequoia Capital).

The day was also sprinkled with meetings with some of our Europe partners that we don’t get to see often and some of our wonderful clients. The place was filled with captivating activities to entertain people in between two presentations. 

The watchword of the day was “rewarding”.

The evening was just as intense, starting off with a Inbound Afterworks party bringing together the French-speaking participants. 

As the largest Hubspot partner in Canada, the members of the Globalia team went to the exclusive party of the Elite agencies with HubSpot’s founders and other important players of the platform.we also had the immense opportunity to meet with HubSpot’s rockstars Dharmesh Shah, Brian Halligan and Yamini Rangan. Needless to say, we were extremely excited about the evening, and we were not disappointed! 

Article INBOUND 7 sept-1


Thursday, September 8th:
We absorb all kinds of knowledge

On today’s schedule: even more conferences!

The actress Viola Davis gave a brilliant presentation on how mentoring and building good connections is a crucial part of creating your own path in the professional world. With examples from her career, she showed that the key to achieving the desired goals is to lift and guide each other up to success. We all left this conference truly inspired and motivated. 

Other favorites were the presentation by Jay Schwedelson where he discussed his failures, his successes, and the lessons he learned, and the one by Neil Patel, who shared the product of his intensive studies on algorithms and how to take advantage of them.

After this busy day, the team went to the Tony C restaurant to eat some fabulous steaks. We greatly recommend it to everyone who’s in Boston!

Then, we all went to the hotel to enjoy a few drinks at the Lifter Bar to put a great end to this memorable day, and to spend some quality time with colleagues. 

Article INBOUND 8 sept

Friday, September 9th:
We meet Barack Obama and go home fulfilled 

Last day here at INBOUND, it went by too fast!

The most memorable conference was the one given by former United States president Barack Obama. In short, he discussed how the United States is a divided country, not only with politics, but with ideologies. He also states that the media takes a huge part of responsibility for this division, and that we have to be extremely careful when using social media or any sort of technology. 

It was now time to leave Boston, more inspired than ever, but before, we stopped at a restaurant in Salem to grab a bite to eat before hitting the road. 

This puts an official end to this wonderful week. The Globalia team is extremely grateful to have been invited to INBOUND 2022, but above all to be part of a company as “human” and empathetic as ours. As Mélanie, our HubSpot specialist | Inbound Marketing, states: “Everything we went through as a team, whether it’s the roadtrips, the meals, the discussions, the laughs, the learnings and even the craziest stories, gives me the energy to surpass myself and become a better person overall. The INBOUND 2022 experience was all about community and connections, and Globalia is the perfect example of that.”

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