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Evens Sheehy

SVP of Sales - Canada
(CRM, Inbound & Strategies) & HubSpot Certified Trainer

Evens Sheehy
One of the rare HubSpot certified trainers in Canada, Evens masters the art of Inbound. We even think he may have fallen into the sales & marketing potion when he was a child.

Evens is a marketing & sales mastermind and Inbound thought leader who has dedicated over 20 years of his career to sales and marketing.

Evens holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Design and a collegial diploma in Computer Arts and Technology. He knows how to juggle customer expectations, bold objectives, and customer experience without compromising business best practices.

In spite of his specialization in Inbound Sales & Marketing and his numerous HubSpot certifications, he is able to develop efficient strategies in every sphere of traditional or digital sales & marketing. As the leader of the greater Montreal HubSpot User Group and co-leader of the HubSpot User Group for French-speaking users in North America, Evens is known for his pedagogical skills and his ability to explain complex concepts in a simple way. He also got recruited by HubSpot Academy as the main instructor for the Sales Skills Bootcamp in French!

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