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Two hosted eCommerce platforms available according to your needs: Shopify and ShopifyPlus.

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You may have already heard of Shopify, an eCommerce solution for very small enterprises and SMEs with simple needs.

Shopify is mainly aimed towards providing a simple online sales solution to businesses that don’t have advanced needs. This is why we discuss Shopify with smaller businesses. Smaller clients will appreciate that Shopify directly hosts their clients. It has good bases, as long as you follow their simple flow and don’t have any personalization issues, advanced functionality needs, or connections between systems. Our clients who use Shopify are generally satisfied, but many consider migrating towards ShopifyPlus in order to put the tools into place to maintain their eCommerce growth.

ShopifyPlus can be an interesting option for enterprises that want to progress a little bit more quickly. ShopifyPlus is also a SAAS solution, meaning it is an completely hosted e-commerce platform. It provides a little bit more flexibility than Shopify and proposes more advanced functionalities, meeting the needs of SMEs that want to drive their e-commerce growth more efficiently. ShopifyPlus is for enterprises that already have a good volume of online sales and mostly work in B2C, as the platform offers very little B2B functionalities. A higher monthly fee is to be expected with ShopifyPlus compared to Shopify. From a professional standpoint, ShopifyPlus is an interesting option to consider.

Shopify Partners

For all your e-commerce website development needs, our expertise is at your disposal to help you determine the best platform for your needs according to your e-commerce growth objectives. Globalia is a Shopify Partner.

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Interesting features of ShopifyPlus:

  • SAAS hosting and unlimited bandwidth.
  • A large volume of visual themes.
  • Good technical support on Shopify’s part.
    Interesting marketplace full of useful modules.
  • User friendly.
  • B2C focus.
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