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Tips and tools to solidify your digital career through continuing training



Do you have a career in digital? Perhaps you're a developer, SEO specialist, web project manager, digital marketing pro, or maybe you just have to use digital tools as part of your job?

Regardless of your level of expertise in the digital field, you know how fast things are changing and evolving in this sector! This is also what makes the digital field so attractive: a field in effervescence, new developments that change the way we do things, new technologies to explore... it's very stimulating! The challenge: to stay up to date and to adapt. This is where constant training takes on its full importance when you have a career in the digital world.

However, learning as part of our job requires a little discipline, a dash of planning, a pinch of motivation and a lot of curiosity! Congratulations, if you're reading this article, it's probably because you want to learn! This article will further motivate you to make room in your schedule for training and to be eager to discover new opportunities.


Why is continuing training important when pursuing a career in digital?


First of all, things move fast in the web and digital technologies. To stay competitive, both for your organization and for yourself as a professional, it's imperative to stay informed and continuously learn.



Since you are on this page right now, you are probably a reference in your company for all digital related matters. So, you know that sooner or later, you will have to put your skills and knowledge to the test for the benefit of a project or to increase the performance of your company. Training allows you to acquire the knowledge and tools you need to perform at work and reach your goals. It's a valuable asset!


Opportunities and competitiveness

With new technologies, the addition of new platforms, the development of new software, etc., opportunities abound on the web. If you don't stay up to date, your competitors will 😉. So make sure you're ahead of the game and take advantage of all the digital training available to be the first to follow suit. You will build a reputation as an expert and increase the credibility of your organization or your employee profile!



For me, I also see a great advantage to continuing digital training regarding my creativity. Knowing my playground, the tools available and having a step back on my current work methods always inspires me (it really does) to come up with new ideas to improve my projects or my performance at work. With training comes innovation! New information, time to think, sharing of ideas, motivating trainers: all the ingredients are there for new ideas to emerge!


"I don't have enough time to do training!": a few tips for having time to train


In my introduction, I mentioned that it takes "a little discipline, a dash of planning, a pinch of motivation" to train at work. Between team meetings, videoconferences with clients, tasks to accomplish, spontaneous emergencies... it's often training that is the first to be removed from our "to-do list". Here are a few tips to help you make sure you don't neglect training as part of your job.


Schedule a time slot dedicated to training

In fact, officially dedicating a day or half-day to training on a recurring basis is a good way to ensure that there is time for training. Rather than adding to our mental load by worrying every day about "how important it would be to do a training session this week", having a dedicated time slot planned in advance will help you greatly. For example, at Globalia, we have 1 full day dedicated to training each quarter. It is now a team event where we encourage each other, share our knowledge and even add a bit of competition to make it a little more fun😊. 

Also keep in mind to choose a day or time when you will be receptive. Doing a training on a Monday at 4pm after a big day of meetings might not be the best plan to learn new skills...


Have a favorable environment to learn

Okay, some trainings are more exciting than others, but give yourself winning conditions to make this time as conducive to learning as possible! Turn off your notifications, put your cell phone away, get comfortable, make yourself a good coffee, etc. If it's a webinar, you can also do the session at the same time as a colleague so that you can discuss the content or take notes together!


Choosing the right training to optimize your time

There is an astronomical amount of online (and free!) certifications, blog articles, downloadable guides, etc. So before you sign up for the first webinar you see or read a 45-page document, ask yourself what your training goals are and if the training will help you achieve them. Your time is valuable, make the most of it!


"I believe in the importance of training, especially in the digital sector, but not so much my employer..." Here are some arguments that will convince you boss:


While you're doing a certification or reading a white paper, your tasks aren't getting done. Indeed. However, sometimes you need to take a little time in order to become more efficient or effective for the next step! Here are a few more reasons why your employer should be very happy that you are taking time to do continuing training.


Skills Act

In Quebec, if your employer's annual payroll is over $2 million, it is his or her duty "to invest, during the same calendar year, the equivalent of at least 1% of this payroll in training activities aimed at developing the skills of your personnel". A minimum amount of training should therefore be provided in order to meet this criterion.


Investing in the future

As mentioned above, training is essential to seize opportunities and remain competitive. In the digital world, staying on top of industry developments and maintaining expertise is a necessity for success. Ensuring that employees remain curious, knowledgeable and in control of the tools available is a significant investment.


Attract and retain employees

And yes, let's mention again the now famous labor shortage that does not spare the web domain. An employee who will be able to blossom, grow and develop in his work environment will be happier and this is particularly the case for digital enthusiasts who are often fueled by new technologies. This is one of the elements that should not be neglected for the retention of employees, an important issue in these times of difficult recruitment. Moreover, if you demonstrate that your company promotes learning and knowledge, it will be a good argument in your favor to attract interesting candidates for future hires.


A few favorite courses to stay up to date!

You want to do some training courses about the web? Here are some of our team's favorite! Depending on your type of digital career, you'll certainly find interesting tracks to explore.


In conclusion, maintaining our curiosity and our desire to learn, exploring new ways of working and staying on top of trends can only be good for your organization and your digital career. 

With learning also comes an important element: knowledge sharing! Whether it's among colleagues or with our clients, at Globalia we love to share our new ideas and discoveries: it's stimulating to be surrounded by colleagues eager to learn. You can check out the "Resources" section of our site to discover our many blog posts about the web industry, our downloadable guides, and to experience our famous HubSpot demo!


Happy learning!

(If you like working with curious and passionate people, check out our career site! We might just hit it off 😉 )