Do you want a quick and easy view to your business’ performance?

Put your faith in a dashboard: A Business Intelligence solution that will allow you to track your company’s Key Performance Indicators. In just a few minutes you will be able to see if your business is reaching the business objective you have defined, whatever they may be. Be done with never-ending, complex reports!

A well-configured dashboard brings all the data together to give you a global view of all your business’s ecosystems! A dashboard will allow you to quantify your data and will help you to make informed decisions.

We have developed dashboards for many businesses in a multitude of fields. We have even created some for specific departments within larger companies.

Our experts will find the best tool to present your data!

Our analysis and Business Intelligence support plan includes:

  • Presentation and contextualization of Business Intelligence and its methodology
  • Analysis of the Business’ Situation

    • Collection of general information
    • Identification of the departments and their managers
    • Identification of the business and department objectives
    • Creation of analysis reports
    • Modeling of the management dashboards
  • Management Dashboards Modeling

    • Presentation of the theory
    • Identification of the business’ growth objectives
    • Identification of the metrics and KPIs
    • Identification of the reports to create
    • Data entry chart
  • Data Analysis

    • List of data sources
    • Data modeling
    • List of the data to connect
    • Identification of high-value data
    • Creation of analysis reports
  • Dashboard Implementation

    • Installation and configuration of the tools
    • Connection of the data
    • Conception of the metrics and KPIs
  • Training and Support

    • Training of the solution’s key participants
    • Annual follow ups and support
    • Adjustment of current metrics and KPIs

We work with the following solutions: Sisense, Tableau, Google Data Connect.

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Our Solution and its anticipated Benefits:

  • Intelligent use of your business data
  • Data centralization, regardless of the source
  • Real-time view of your data (no manual reports!)
  • Global view of your performance indicators
  • Simplifying your decision making
  • Targeting business opportunities
  • 360 view of your business’ ecosystem
  • Efficient use of Business Intelligence