Inbound Strategy

increase in sessions with the new platform


increase the number of leads with the new platform


The Results

A complete content platform created and implemented within 3 weeks for NOVIPRO

Better autonomy for the user, the ability to measure their Return on Investment, as well as a larger volume of content more quickly means saving a lot of time – and we all know that time is money.

Odile Rivard
Director of Marketing and Communications, Groupe Novipro

“We needed to find a way to bring all of our reference content together to make the information more accessible to our visitors and convert them into leads. Globalia’s team supported us in this process while demonstrating extraordinary expertise and professionalism. They understood our needs and ensured we could launch our NOVIPRO HUB in record time! We do continuous training with their support in order to take full advantage of the platform by using the best practices.”


NOVIPRO is among the best in Quebec in personalized business solutions, cutting-edge technological solutions, and secure cloud computing solutions based in Canada.

In an effort to generate prospects, NOVIPRO had to find a way to stand out with the help of a high volume of quality content for IT professionals. They were looking for a solution that would be easy to manage and help them save time. If a solution could help them to attract potential clients at every stage of the Buyer’s Journey, to qualify and convert them, they would have an advantage over their competitors.

Challenges to Take On
A Maximum deadline of three weeks

The solution needed to be operational in time for the launch of an important marketing campaign based on an IT report that attracts and converts over 500 qualified leads annually.

Navigation Optimization

NOVIPRO’s website’s navigation was lacking in fluidity, which was impacting its visitors’ interest in the content.

Data Collection

The website didn’t collect any data. It was therefore very difficult to mobilize and convert visitors.

Unknown ROI

It was impossible to calculate the blog’s return on investment as the transactions concluded couldn’t be attributed to it in the absence of data.


Our Solutions

First of all, Globalia conducted an online competitor analysis. Personas and Buyer’s Journey mapping workshops were held with the collaboration of NOVIPRO’s team. We were then able to establish a content strategy for each stage of the Buyer’s Journey for every type of profile.

Our team of HubSpot experts at Globalia developed a content platform by adapting its restrictions in order to provide a more flexible tool. Our specialists also configured API scripts between HubSpot and the client’s blog on UMBRACO (a to automate the migration of all their previous content. The solution we developed contributes to lead generation, nurturing, and scoring in order to make Novipro’s marketing team’s work easier.

As Globalia is committed to the long-term success of its partners, it was crucial that the platform be easy to manage, update, and optimize in order to increase NOVIPRO’s efficiency and productivity. Our team concentrated on the creation of a HubSpot tool that would evolve according to the future needs of their visitors. The Content Hub’s structure was designed to be easily used with new technologies such as voice search or even AI (artificial intelligence) in order to personalize the visitor’s experience even more.