Inbound Strategy

increase in organic traffic in 2019 over 2017


organic visits per month thanks to the content strategy in the "Tips" section of the site

Point S

The Results

In spite of the complexity of the website and online catalog, Globalia succeeded in implementing acquisition and visitor engagement strategies as well as an Inbound Marketing strategy aiming to convert a maximum number of visitors into clients-ambassadors.

We therefore contributed to improving the organic positioning of the brand online, allowing the enterprise to reach its commercial objectives. All this was done by providing strategic and technical support, allowing them to acquire a maximum number of online clients.

Justas Gasiunas
Digital Marketing Specialist

“We have been working on Point S Canada’s website SEO strategy in collaboration with Globalia for several years. The work that was done has allowed us to considerably increase natural traffic on our website. We thank them for their involvement in our digital development.”


In 2015, Unipneu signed a contract with the French-German group Point S, becoming Point S Canada with over 160 retailers.

Point S called on Globalia to help improve the brand’s organic reach, centered around 2 important points: their online presence and environmental involvement.

Challenges to Take On

We had the challenge of making local retailers stand out in the search engines in order to increase trust with their members and position themselves before their competitors.

Online Service

Point S wanted to stand out from their competitors with their 24/7 online appointments and efficient customer service.


The enterprise also wanted to be recognized more for their active participation in respecting the environment through the recycling of batteries and tires.


Our Solutions

Globalia’s team of experts worked while respecting Point S’ business objectives and put everything into place in order for the website to contribute as much as possible to reaching those objectives.

We optimized the online tires catalog for them to appear in the top search engine results.

As they were more than satisfied with Globalia’s work, Point S called on us again for a large project that began in 2017.