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HubSpot CRM + Inbound

HR Marketing and Inbound recruiting

Position your company to counter the labour shortage.

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Do you spend all your time contacting candidates in order to qualify them and propose an interview ? Has your recruitment been done in the same way since the 90sn? At this point, you’re probably feeling disenchanted with the process. It’s time to consider RH marketing and Inbound recruitment !

Imagine having a position to fill and simply looking through your pile of available candidates; it would probably make your job much easier ! You could then spend more time retaining your current employees rather than continuously searching for new ones.

Does this seem too good to be true ? Your marketing and sales colleagues are probably already doing it…

A Tried-and-True strategy

In sales, you can find a list of potential clients with interesting criteria for your enterprise and call them one after another to sell your product or service to them. In many cases, your potential client isn’t in the research process at all and will not be receptive to your offer.

Ideally, we should be able to know who, within your list, is currently in the research process. A more intelligent strategy is necessary, and this is why Inbound Marketing came to be. The goal is to identify candidates who are in the research process in order to target them and significantly increase your chances of success.

Using your skills for human resources

The skills learned for sales and marketing can also be used for recruitment. The principles of Inbound HR are based on the learning acquired through Inbound marketing with a few term modifications. Potential clients become potential candidates and the brand image becomes the employer brand… Rather than educating your visitors on the problems that your offer can help them resolve, they need to be educated on the discomfort they are feeling in their current situation with their employer.

Inbound HR : How to get there

The right quantity of relevant content

Have a good content strategy that allows you to position yourself on important keywords. Don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues to participate in your recruitment blog ; they are your best ambassadors. Dedicate one of your social media platforms (or certain posts) to showcasing your employer brand.

A strong employer brand

Build an employer brand that your employees can be proud of. They will promote it for you if you give them occasions or events that they can share on their own social media platforms. You employer brand must be felt in everything that you do. You can’t tell candidates that expertise is a key value of your enterprise and not offer them the opportunity to improve their skills once they are employees. This practice will create cognitive dissonance (like buyer’s remorse) and will make them question their decision to come and work for your enterprise. It is always better to exceed expectations (like in sales) if you want to create employees who are satisfied with their choices.

An adapted conversion strategy

The personalization of your content is crucial because you are probably recruiting for different positions. The more relevant your content is for the reader, the more interested they will be by your offer. The process to go through in order to apply to be a programmer must be different than the process to apply to be a vice-president. They have different motivations and are probably looking for different benefits in a job.

Performant tools

Having the best tools will allow you to stand out and achieve maximum results. Whether it is for your blog, landing pages, newsletter, forms, or following up on your calls to action, make sure that your tools aren’t making the task more difficult for you. Tools that are too complicated are often one of the reasons that strategies aren’t executed properly. Your tools have to work together and provide useful statistics to help you improve.


It is crucial to continuously optimize what we are doing in Inbound HR as it is impossible to know everything from the start. As you progress, you will get to know each of your personas better, what motivates them, and how to talk to them. Don’t hesitate to revise your content, forms, and any other part of the process.

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HubSpot implementation

Globalia is the largest HubSpot solutions partner in Canada.

We can help personalize the onboarding of your HubSpot CRM and its marketing, sales, and client services tools to help your business take full advantage of the software capabilities.

HubSpot and Inbound audits

With the help of audits,  we will identify the elements that will help you drive growth, as well as any friction points affecting your Inbound strategies.

Let us also analyze your use of HubSpot tools so you can take full advantage of its functionalities!

HubSpot CMS

Develop a website on the HubSpot CMS in order to improve personalized interactions and leads generation.

We will apply the Growth-Driven Design development methodology to accelerate your return on investment while optimizing the sections of your website that are the most important for your visitors.

Data connectors, importation and Synchronization

In business, you have to be able to make quick, informed decisions. Time is money. Reduce manual operations by centralizing your data: HubSpot CRM, Ecommerce website, ERP, Intranet and your website.

Save time by letting us create the connections between your systems!

Inbound Marketing Strategy & Automation

Let Globalia help you to attract qualified prospects and personalize interactions with your business. Automations and good Inbound practices will improve your chance to get new customers online!

Inbound Sales Strategy & Automation

Let us help you automate and improve your sales process. We can assist your business implement an Inbound sales strategy aligned with your marketing efforts.

Take advantage of the tool (HubSpot) that will improve your sales process and get more deals signed!

Inbound Tactical Support

Take advantage of our Inbound Strategy team’s expertise in your acquisition, engagement, and lead conversion activities.

Through punctual meetings, we will help you to implement highly performing tactics.

Content Strategy & Inbound SEO

Content is at the heart of the Inbound methodology. Let us identify the content your potential clients are looking for at each stage of their Buyer’s Journey.

Take advantage of Inbound SEO tools to improve your SEO performance.

Social Media Strategy

Channel your efforts with a performant strategy. It all depends on your needs; Globalia can act as an extension of your internal team. Together, let’s target the right platforms while presenting the right message to the right audience.


Our experts in SEO and SEM use various advanced techniques that can complement Inbound activities.

An Outbound strategy that supports an Inbound strategy is a winning combination!

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Thank you for trusting us

We are extremely proud of the recognition that the quality of our work has received. Globalia is happy to share this mark of confidence with you.

We greatly appreciated Globalia's support in the implementation of our Inbound Marketing strategy. From the design of our content platform to the lead generation strategy, we recommend this agency without hesitation.
Jean-Sébastien Breton
Marketing and Communication Project Manager, Novipro

Wow Wow Wow - your websites all look amazing! Congrats on building some amazing HubSpot CMS websites and KEEP GOING! #TeamCMS

Luke Summerfield
Go-To-Market Lead (Web & CMS), HubSpot
Globalia understood our needs and made sure that we could launch our NOVIPRO HUB in record time! We are in continuous training with their support to make the most of the platform by implementing the best practices.
Odile Rivard
Marketing and Communications Director, Novipro
Globalia quickly understood the unique workings of our enterprise, and were able to translate that into a growth solution by implementing our personalized sales and marketing tools. We can now properly execute our Inbound marketing campaigns from start to finish! Since the beginning of this wonderful business relationship, they have advised us in our decisions and aligned our prospection and online business development activities with our marketing strategies. Globalia’s strategic team is very competent.
Myriam Dion-Lomomba
Marketing Director, Forgestik
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We completely redesigned our website on the HubSpot platform, as well as changed our domain name and developed a new corporate image. Globalia supported us every step of the way through their expertise with HubSpot and the best online practices. In spite of our ambitious timeline, we were able to deliver a high-quality website within the deadline. Thank you Globalia!
Hélène Gamache
Director of Marketing and Communications, Createch
A passionate and professional team. I strongly recommend Globalia for the implementation of Inbound Marketing strategies with HubSpot! Excellent service! They understand our needs and have done exceptional work in the creation of our website. Thank you Globalia!
Rémi Vaillancourt
Project Manager, FD Fitness Consultant
I really appreciate your Inbound team. I have been working with you for a very long time, and you have always been great. The quality of your service, your technical knowledge of HubSpot, as well as the strategies and tactics you bring to your HubSpot accounts are just a few of the aspects that make you one of HubSpot’s best partners. Globalia’s HubSpot clients are certainly in good hands.
Guillaume Delloue
Principal Channel Consultant, HubSpot
We have had the pleasure of working with Globalia for several months already for the remodel of our website and Inbound Marketing strategy in a context of rapid growth and acquisitions. From our first meeting, we appreciated Globalia’s expertise as well as their prompt and precise services advice. From the strategy, design, web development, and persona workshops, up until the website’s execution… we know we can count on a wonderful, competent, and dynamic team!  
Charlotte Cardona
Director of Marketing and Communications, Alithya
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