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At Globalia, we master several technologies and can build all types of websites ; one of the technologies we prioritize is HubSpot CMS. It is the ideal technology to improve websites’ business development.

The main reason we love this CMS is clear : it is the easiest CMS to use in order to optimize your content, personalize it, and make it useful for your audience. All the technical aspects of the CMS are managed by HubSpot or our in-house experts, and you will have all the autonomy necessary to easily maintain your content, create new pages, and engage with your audience.

Growth Driven Design

Web development is often seen as a difficult task, or even an unnecessary expense. To counteract this negative view, we often propose a customizable web development called Growth Driven Design. This concept consists of developing the simplest version of your website, an MVP (minimum viable product) that doesn’t hinder your enterprise’s activities and can quickly be put on line. The idea behind the concept is to quickly create a ROI with what has just been developed. Based on your MVP’s visitor data, we can determine the next pages or modules to be developed. In search engines’ eyes you will always seem to be in optimization mode. It’s exactly what we do !

Advantages and Disadvantages of HubSpot CMS


HubSpot’s CMS applies perfectly to the GDD concept and makes modifying your website easier. Future web redesigns will be able to be carried out at a lower cost as the content (front-end) is separate from the structural interface (Back-end).


Your website will take advantage of the advanced personalization functions (Smart Content, Smart Forms, Smart CTA, and TOKEN personalization) that help the engagement and conversion of your leads. All the interactions on the website will automatically be linked to the CRM and other HubSpot portals (Marketing, Sales, Services) that you use.

Easy to Use

HubSpot CMS is one of the easiest and most intuitive to use. It isn’t necessary to know how to code in order to modify your content or add new pages to your website. All your content will also be automatically backed up ! Secure Hosting and Maintenance All the websites developed with HubSpot CMS are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and include the SSL certificates. HubSpot CMS requires 3x less maintenance than the majority of other CMSs as updates are practically done automatically.


CMS With HubSpot CMS, you will take advantage of any future technological advancements at the time of their deployment. Your website will be supported by an ever-growing community of HubSpot users.

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Other services

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HubSpot implementation

Globalia is the largest HubSpot solutions partner in Canada.

We can help personalize the onboarding of your HubSpot CRM and its marketing, sales, and client services tools to help your business take full advantage of the software capabilities.

HubSpot and Inbound audits

With the help of audits,  we will identify the elements that will help you drive growth, as well as any friction points affecting your Inbound strategies.

Let us also analyze your use of HubSpot tools so you can take full advantage of its functionalities!

Data connectors, importation and Synchronization

In business, you have to be able to make quick, informed decisions. Time is money. Reduce manual operations by centralizing your data: HubSpot CRM, Ecommerce website, ERP, Intranet and your website.

Save time by letting us create the connections between your systems!

Inbound Marketing Strategy & Automation

Let Globalia help you to attract qualified prospects and personalize interactions with your business. Automations and good Inbound practices will improve your chance to get new customers online!

Inbound Sales Strategy & Automation

Let us help you automate and improve your sales process. We can assist your business implement an Inbound sales strategy aligned with your marketing efforts.

Take advantage of the tool (HubSpot) that will improve your sales process and get more deals signed!

Inbound Tactical Support

Take advantage of our Inbound Strategy team’s expertise in your acquisition, engagement, and lead conversion activities.

Through punctual meetings, we will help you to implement highly performing tactics.

Content Strategy & Inbound SEO

Content is at the heart of the Inbound methodology. Let us identify the content your potential clients are looking for at each stage of their Buyer’s Journey.

Take advantage of Inbound SEO tools to improve your SEO performance.

Social Media Strategy

Channel your efforts with a performant strategy. It all depends on your needs; Globalia can act as an extension of your internal team. Together, let’s target the right platforms while presenting the right message to the right audience.

HR Marketing and Inbound Recruiting

With the labor shortage occurring in practically every sector, the Inbound Methodology is the solution your business need.

Globalia can implement an Inbound Recruiting Strategy that will help make you desirable to job searchers. We will also define the tactics to put into place to optimize your HR marketing.


Our experts in SEO and SEM use various advanced techniques that can complement Inbound activities.

An Outbound strategy that supports an Inbound strategy is a winning combination!

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Thank you for trusting us

We are extremely proud of the recognition that the quality of our work has received. Globalia is happy to share this mark of confidence with you.

Thanks to their personalized service, expert advise, and rigorous follow ups, we reached digitization in record time!
Nyko Lazure
Marketing Director, Pont Masson
Thank you for the new website! I think it’s beautiful, and I enjoy the autonomy it gives me.
Martine Blouin
Owner, Voltige
Your team works very hard to always ensure everything is top notch! I want to personally thank you for your collaboration. It is always great working with you.
David Lutzy
Buyer, Langevin Forest
Redesigning our eCommerce website with Globalia was a great experience with both the team members I already knew, as well as those I got to know in the process! Thank you for your transparency and expertise!
Claire Robillard
E-Marketing Director, Starfrit (Promotions Atlantiques)
27 - Slider Testimonials

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