Put the Tools into Place that will Lead you to Success

Have you chosen HubSpot to ensure the growth of your website? HubSpot’s tools are extremely performant and efficient, but you really need to know how to use them.

The term Onboarding is used by HubSpot to designate the configuration, planning, and training required to use the platform properly.

As Elite Solutions HubSpot partners, we have worked on a large number of Onboardings and have developed a rigorous and efficient method. We adjust each Onboarding according to the needs of our clients (more or less in duration, more or less training, etc.)


We take care of the technical configuration of your HubSpot account. You won’t have to worry about DNS issues, subdomains, creating right of access, and all those things that seem very complex in the beginning and which we practically don’t ever touch again.

We will even put basic templates into place in your account so you will be ready to use your tools as quickly as possible. Depending on the package, our basic templates are the following: blogs, blog posts, newsletters, and landing pages.


A good Onboarding should lead you to strategic ideas or, if your strategy is complete, to connect it more efficiently with your tools. It is very important to properly understand how to translate your strategy into concrete actions on HubSpot, without which you will never take full advantage of the platform.

Do you know your personas and their Buyers’ Journeys? What type of content are they looking for when they are in the consideration stage? What is their primary motivation? The answers to all of these questions will guide you in your use of HubSpot.


Is there anything more depressing than being left with a brand-new tool and not really knowing how to start using it?

Our experienced trainers will help make your life easier by training you in the way that works best for you; you will then be able to take full advantage of the tools at your disposal.

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HubSpot CRM
  • Basic configuration
  • Administrator training
  • User/ Seller training
  • Definition and configuration of the sales stages
  • Definition and Configuration of contact views, companies, and deals
  • Configuration of email tracking tools
HubSpot Marketing
  • Configuration of subdomains, social media, tracking, and other basic configurations
  • Creation of templates for blogs, emails, and landing pages
  • Dashboard definition and creation workshop
  • Email training
  • Configuration of your personas
  • Conversion tools training
  • Configuration of the connection between HubSpot and Google Ads/ Facebook Ads
  • Training on the creation of a content matrix and the use of HubSpot’s SEO tools
  • Acquisition tools training
  • Blog migration
HubSpot Sales
  • Configuration of sales and training tools (Meetings, Templates, Documents, Snippets, Calls, Videos)
  • Configuration of the sales pipelines
  • Sales automation training
  • Training on the use of the mobile application for outside of the office
  • Training on data entry and tracking within the CRM
  • Training on the use of the prospecting tool
  • Overview of your preferences and configuration of your notifications
  • Dashboard definition and creation workshop
  • Training and configuration of submission products and tools (Quotes)
HubSpot Service
  • Configuration of sales and training tools (Meetings, Templates, Documents, Snippets, Calls, Videos)
  • Configuration and use of direct messaging for customer service
  • Configuration of the ticket process
  • Configuration of the shared inbox
  • Dashboard definition and creation workshop
  • Customer service automation training
  • Reference page templates (knowledge base)
  • Configuration of satisfaction surveys