Our Initiatives

We’re really good at helping our clients to grow! But we also enjoy launching our own initiatives. The entrepreneurial fiber is strong with Globalia. It is also the reason why we have no problem understanding the challenges faced by our clients.

All Time Digital

All Time Digital is an innovative media company that uses exclusive technology in order to bypass the issues affecting the digital market.

Global Lingua

Global Lingua offers private language classes remotely using Skype. This way, you can reach your language objectives at your own pace!


Powski proposes special offers and sales on everything pertaining to skiing or snowboarding.

BamBam Commerce

BamBam commerce purchases and develops e-commerce websites. We also develop growth partnerships with other e-commerce businesses.

Logik Suite

Logik Suite is a human resource management software which allows you to manage absences, vacations, timesheets, expenses, training, evaluations, and much more.