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Mathieu Grandmaître

Account Executive | Strategy

The problems and opportunities in business seem to arise as if by magic! Our first reaction? Jump on them or solve them now! However, not all "problems" deserve our attention or immediate intervention... otherwise, hello headless chickens! 🤯 (Obviously, the same goes for opportunities.)

Most of the time, the problems we see are just the tip of the iceberg! They are symptoms of a real problem that escapes us because we are too caught up to see it clearly. This means we're wasting precious resources - time, energy, and especially profits without growing the business.

This is where an outside perspective, that of a business development expert, comes into play to help us get our ideas straight and point out what really needs to be addressed or pursued. To do this, you need someone who has a deep understanding of the very structure of a business.

Because a business operates like a complex ecosystem where each aspect is closely interconnected with the others. (Master the 5 spheres of a business without needing an MBA.) With many years of experience as a business owner, I have mastered the three essential pillars for all businesses:

  • offering,
  • sales,
  • operations.

To assess whether a problem really deserves your energy and attention, book a free call with me. I'm here to provide you with an outside perspective on your business, which could help you make an informed decision. After all, a new perspective can make all the difference!

P.S. Brand strategy is where I shine! We'll dive into the heart of your business's foundation to see if it's strong enough to fully support your ambitions.



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